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The Best Mobile Workbenches for Tackling Projects All Over the House

Work on your terms.

mobile workbenches amazon Courtesy of Tom Conway/Unsplash

If you’re the kind of guy who likes to tinker in the garage and take on projects around the house, you need a proper work station. However, not everyone has a space with a built-in setup, and may have to go about creating their own. But what if you could have all the benefits of a workbench with some portability thrown in to boot? Let us introduce the mobile workbench.

There may be no single standard configuration for mobile workbenches, but they usually have a few of the same attributes: spacious drawers and cabinets to store tools and supplies, wheels so they can be maneuvered from place to place and a sizeable surface on which you can complete the task at hand.

But every investment in your arsenal of quality tools is important and, when they take up this much space, getting it right matters more than ever. To help you snag the very best model, we’ve curated our top four picks from Amazon.

1. Seville Classics Rolling Workbench

Any time we spot something genuinely multipurpose, we’re quick to pounce. This bench may be durable enough to support serious home renovation projects, but it is also stylish and sleek enough to work as a modern island in your kitchen. Constructed from fingerprint-resistant stainless steel, it has two cabinet doors and several drawers to meet a plethora of storage needs. The smooth wood top provides ample, uninterrupted space to work on a range of jobs—whether it’s slicing vegetables or measuring materials for cutting—while the bottom is fitted with tough wheels to move the entire piece as you see fit.

Seville Classics Rolling Workbench

Courtesy of Amazon

Seville Classics Rolling Workbench: $1,049.98

2. HuskyTools Mobile Workbench With Pegboard

While all the benches on our list are excellent, this model has something none of the others do: its own pegboard. Not just for show, it effectively expands the amount of storage space since the user can apply hooks or pegs from which to hang tools of every stripe. Plus, it plays no small part in making the piece feel more of a complete unit rather than something simply shoved up against the wall. Forged from 19-gauge steel, it is incredibly heavy-duty and capable of handling an impressive 2,200-pound load capacity.

HuskyTools Mobile Workbench With Pegboard

Courtesy of Amazon

HuskyTools Mobile Workbench With Pegboard: $1,782.00

3. Fedmax Mobile Garage Workbench

If you’re looking for something without any frills, this model could be for you. One of the simpler styles on our list, it has a durable steel frame that has an adjustable height to best suit whoever is using it with minimal effort. The top is carved from smooth acacia hardwood that makes for a great work surface—its one of the hardest available and naturally resists scratching—while also being quite pleasing to the eye. Like the other examples listed here, this one comes with casters so it can be moved according to necessity or for no reason in particular.

Fedmax Mobile Garage Workbench

Courtesy of Amazon

Fedmax Mobile Garage Workbench: $206.01

4. COSCO Folding Workbench and Table

The problem with any large contraption can almost always be boiled down to a single word: storage. They simply take up so much space that it can be difficult to find a dedicated spot and for some layouts, it just may not be an option. However, this particular model has a folding configuration so it can literally be halved and stood upright against the wall to be minimally intrusive. It may not come with extra drawers or cabinets, but it does come with a spacious shelf nearly as large as the wood top so you can maximize space.

COSCO Folding Workbench and Table

Courtesy of Amazon

COSCO Folding Workbench and Table: $176.04

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