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The Best Molcajete Bowls for Making Guacamole, Sauces and More

The traditional Mexican vessel will soon become a staple in your own kitchen.

Molcajete Courtesy of lunamarina/Shutterstock

Grinding. Blending. Pulverizing. These are just three of the many tasks a great molcajete excels at. You may not recognize the name, but you’ll certainly recognize how it looks if you’ve ever traveled to Mexico or found yourself dining in a restaurant dedicated to its cuisine. For many, it’s probably thought of most often as that rustic dish in which mounds of creamy guacamole are served, but it is so much more.

Similar to a mortar and pestle (but even better), the molcajete has been used by the people in the landmass now known as Mexico for thousands of years. Traditionally made from stone or volcanic rock, it consists of a bowl that stands on three legs and comes with a matching tapered instrument designed to hold and grind.

Its naturally textured surface easily turns whole spices into fine powders—releasing flavorful compounds along the way—and lends other dishes a wonderfully chunky consistency that’s hard to replicate. And it can act as a serving dish for various salsas or other dishes made in it. Talk about pulling double duty!

Here are the top four picks we rounded up on Amazon.

1. RSVP Authentic Molcajete

RSVP’s molcajete has a great traditional style. Carved from natural volcanic stone, it has a textured surface that makes quick work of grinding spices or pulverizing roasted peppers. Its generous proportions—8.5 inches in diameter and 5 inches tall—allow for plenty of room smash avocados for guacamole and place the finished product directly on your serving table.

RSVP Authentic Molcajete

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

RSVP Authentic Molcajete: $63.50

2. TLP Handmade Molcajete

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. In this case, volcanic rock is a solid choice for many reasons so it’s no wonder why TLP decided to stick with it. Measuring 8 inches across and 4.5 inches tall, this roomy model has a rich texture that makes quick work of spices and seasonings. Plus, its handmade nature means every single one is unique so you can make it truly your own.

TLP Handmade Molcajete

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

TLP Handmade Molcajete: $34.75

3. Pepe Nero Molcajete Set

Most molcajete bowls come with a mortar for mashing all your guacamole ingredients together. Pepe Nero’s, though, also comes with a silicone spatula, avocado slicer and garlic peeler. With the exception of the actual ingredients themselves, that’s everything you need to prepare the guacamole for your next Taco Tuesday or barbecue. But this set is about more than just the extras. The bowl and mortar are both made from granite stone that looks great and is sure to last.

Pepe Nero Molcajete Set


Pepe Nero Molcajete Set: $19.90

4. MDS Cuisine Cookwares Molcajete

Though not as commonly seen as its plain cousin, molcajetes carved with animal motifs are among the most ancient designs for the tool. M.D.S Cuisine Cookwares’ version riffs on history to create one with a minimalist pig head on one side of its black lava stone body. Clocking in at just shy of twelve pounds, it’s the heaviest model on our list and has a wonderfully porous texture for crafting all kinds of fresh salsas.

M.D.S Cuisine Cookwares Molcajete

Courtesy of Amazon  Amazon

MDS Cuisine Cookwares Molcajete: $59.99

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