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The Best Muffin Tins for the Baking-Obsessed

Four trays to help you start baking muffins at home.

The Best Muffin Tins on Amazon Amazon

Who doesn’t like a good muffin? The delicious treat is one of the most versatile baked goods—one that can be enjoyed first thing in the morning for breakfast or any time after. And if you like a freshly baked muffin, there’s nothing stopping you from making your own. It’s a simple process, especially by baking standards, requiring one major implement: the muffin tin.

As with most pieces of kitchenware named after a specific food, the tin is designed specifically for making muffins. Usually made from a lightweight metal like aluminum or stainless steel, the tray typically consists of 24 cups. Fill the cups with batter and any other ingredients you’re craving, pop the tin in the oven, let it bake, and you have yourself an entire tray of muffins. Plus, if you have a sweet tooth, you’re in luck because every muffin tin also doubles as a cupcake tray.

So, if you’re ready to start pulling fresh muffins out of your oven on a regular basis, it’s time to invest in a solid muffin tin. Here are four of the best.

1. All-Clad Pro-Release Bakeware Pan

It may have an overly plain aesthetic, but All-Clad’s muffin tin does everything you could ask and more. Made from heavy-gauge aluminized steel, it heats your baked goods evenly and can withstand temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit without warping. It also has a ceramic-reinforced, non-stick finish that will make sure nothing is left behind after baking. Its extra-large handles also make it easy to hold and maneuver, even in tight spaces.

Pros: An all-around tray that’s easy to use and clean.

Cons: Its design won’t win any beauty contests.

All-Clad Pro-Release Bakeware Pan


All-Clad Pro-Release Bakeware Pan: $29.99

2. Anolon Allure Nonstick Bakeware Set

Anolon’s bakeware set has everything a baker could want. It includes a muffin tin and cake pan, both of which are made from heavy-duty steel that heats up evenly and resists warping. The set also comes with a lid so that you can take your baked goods with you once they’re done. Plus, each part is dishwasher safe, making cleaning the set a breeze.

Pros: A baking set that includes a muffin tin and cake pan.

Cons: Plastic lid isn’t as heavy-duty as the tin and pan.

Anolon Allure Nonstick Bakeware Set


Anolon Allure Nonstick Bakeware Set: $35.99

3. Rachael Ray Yum-o! Nonstick Bakeware 12-Cup Muffin Tin

As useful as a muffin tin may be, not every kitchen needs one. If you’re curious about the tray but not quite ready to invest in something more deluxe, this one from Rachel Ray may be the one for you. While it may not feel as heavy-duty as the competition, it’s actually very durable and can withstand temperatures as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit. It also features colorful grips on the handles that make it easy to maneuver in and out of the oven.

Pros: A solid tray for those curious but not ready to commit to consistent muffin making.

Cons: The colorful grips may stand out too much for some.

Rachael Ray Yum-o! Nonstick Bakeware 12-Cup Muffin Tin


Rachael Ray Yum-o! Nonstick Bakeware 12-Cup…: $15.54

4. Blue Rose Pottery Athena Muffin Pan

If you’re something of a muffin enthusiast and want a durable, visually striking tray, look no further than Blue Rose Pottery’s stoneware option. Made by hand in Poland, the company’s six-cup pan is a sight to behold. It’s also plenty tough, able to withstand the microwave, freezer and the dishwasher. And if you’re worried it doesn’t have enough cups, don’t fret as they’re much larger than those found in other trays.

Pros: A stoneware pan that’s as durable as it is visually striking.

Cons: Only has six cups, though they are extra-large.

Blue Rose Pottery Athena Muffin Pan


Blue Rose Pottery Athena Muffin Pan: $119.50

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