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The Best Nut Bags for Making Almond and Cashew Milk at Home

Whether you prefer almond or cashew milk, these four bags are all you'll need to make your own non-dairy milk at home.

The Best Nut Bags on Amazon Amazon

Getting ahold of delicious almond or cashew milk is much harder than it should be. Store-bought brands often fail to capture its smooth and rich charms. That, or they cost way too much. In other words, if you want to start enjoying great nut-based milk on a daily basis, then you should probably just make it yourself. To do it, though, you’ll want to buy a nut bag.

Despite the unappealing name, the nut bag is a vital and reusable tool. It’s a finely meshed sack, usually made of nylon, that’ll you’ll use to strain crushed nut particles out of your blended raw milk. Once the milk has passed through the bag, you’re left with creamy nut milk that can be poured over cereal, put in your coffee or enjoyed on its own.

So if you’re ready to start making your own almond or cashew milk but want to make sure that it tastes like the genuine article, then you’re going to want to get yourself a nut bag. Here are four of the best to choose from.

1. Bellamei Nut Milke Bag Three-Pack

Ballamei’s three-pack is a particularly cost-conscious option for someone who’s curious about making their own nut milk. But just because these bags won’t break the bank doesn’t mean they’re not of the utmost quality. Each sack—the set includes small (8″ x 12”), medium (10″ x 12”) and large (13″ x 13″) sizes—is made from flexible, fine Italian nylon mesh. They’re also all re-washable and durable, so you won’t need to order multiple sets, even though you could easily afford to.

Pros: A low-priced set of nut bags that will last.

Cons: Not everyone will find the different sizes useful.

Bellamei Nut Milke Bag Three-Pack


Bellamei Nut Milke Bag Three-Pack: $7.99

2. Scengclos Nut Milk Bags

Scengclos’s set of nut milk bags is perfect for someone who wants a little versatility from their sacks. While all nut bags can be used for more than just straining raw milk, this pack of three—which includes small (8″ x 10”), medium (10″ x 12”) and large (14″x14″) sizes—is made from tightly woven cheesecloth. Thanks to this dense-yet-breathable fabric, you can also use the bag for making cheese and natural fruit and vegetable juices.

Pros: A nut bag that can be used for much more than just straining raw milk.

Cons: While denser than most cheesecloth, it’s still less weighty than nylon mesh.

Scengclos Nut Milk Bags


Scengclos Nut Milk Bags: $8.95

3. P&F Hemp Nut Milk Bag

If you’re making your own nut milk, chances are you’re already concerned about what goes into your body. P&F’s bag, which is made from all-natural hemp yarn, ensures that you don’t have to worry about anything synthetic making its way into your milk during the straining process. Not only is the bag made from organic materials, it’s also extra-strong and will last you for quite a few batches.

Pros: A durable nut bag made from all-natural hemp yarn.

Cons: Less dense than bags made from nylon mesh.

P&F Hemp Nut Milk Bag


P&F Hemp Nut Milk Bag: $12.99

4. Leroro Two-Piece Nut Milk Bag

This commercial-grade reusable nut milk bag makes making your own dairy-free milk from home a breeze, but it’s also a great tool for brewing your own cold brew coffee and used as a food strainer as well. It’s designed with high-quality mesh nylon fabric for easy straining and enhanced durability. You simply can’t go wrong with this multifunctional nut bag.

Pros: Food-grade material and high-heat resistant.

Cons: Larger size may not be necessary for some.

nut milk bags amazon

Courtesy of Amazon

Leroro Two-Piece Nut Milk Bag: $9.99

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