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The Best Old Fashioned Glasses to Break Out at Cocktail Hour

The classy drink deserves an equally classy glass.

Kanars Old Fashioned Glasses Amazon

The old fashioned is widely considered to be the king of cocktails. Kicking about since the 1880s, the classic tipple has stood the test of time and deserves to be treated with respect. The amber concoction doesn’t belong in just any glass, Sir. No, you need a dedicated old fashioned glass.

Also known as a rocks glass or lowball, these tumblers are short and stout with a wide mouth that allows all those wonderful whiskey and Angostura aromas to waft up to your nostrils. A traditional old fashioned glass can comfortably hold ice cubes and 6 to 8 oz of liquid, while a double can hold 12 to 14 oz. In addition to its namesake cocktail, the glass is also great for serving straight scotch or bourbon, or sours.

Here, four of the best sets of old fashioned glasses on Amazon that will add a touch of class to any bar or drinks cart.

1. Marquis by Waterford Double Old Fashioned Glasses

Just like the old fashioned, Waterford Crystal’s rich heritage dates back to the 18th century and its glassware is replete with old-world charm. Handcrafted, each glass is made from delicate lead-free crystalline and sports a classic cut pattern design. This means they not only look good but also feel great in your hand. Each tumbler measures 3.75 inches high by 3.3 inches wide and is capable of holding a double old fashioned or 11 oz of booze. The set is sure to lend an air of sophistication to your next cocktail hour.

Marquis by Waterford Double Old Fashioned Glasses


Marquis by Waterford Double Old Fashioned Glasses: $45.73

2. MOFADO Crystal Whiskey Glasses

Designed for cocktail enthusiasts who appreciate a large and heavy lowball, Mofado’s old fashioned glasses can hold a full 12 oz of spirits and each weighs more than a pound. This means you can enjoy a double old fashioned along with an oversized ice cube, no problem. The thick, weighted bottom minimizes breakage and keeps your tipple nice and secure, while also feeling sturdy in your hand. But, just because they’re big, doesn’t mean they’re any less stylish. The sleek design is handblown from ultra-clear crystal—lead-free, of course—for true clarity and brilliance. This set includes two glasses and is perfect for a drinks trolley.

MOFADO Crystal Whiskey Glasses


MOFADO Crystal Whiskey Glasses: $21.95

3. KANARS Old Fashioned Glasses

Another set for traditionalists, these old fashioned glasses feature a stunning diamond-like pattern that gives them a lovely texture and helps them to sparkle in the light. Crafted from the finest lead-free crystal, they have exceptional clarity and brilliant refraction, so any cocktail looks top-notch. Measuring 3.8 inches high and 3.2 inches wide, each tumbler can easily hold 10 oz, and thanks to a special “Platinum Glass” production process are virtually unbreakable. They are also dishwasher safe, which means clean up after cocktail hour is no big thing. The set of four comes housed in an elegant gift box and makes a thoughtful present for any whiskey enthusiast in your circle.

KANARS Old Fashioned Glasses


KANARS Old Fashioned Glasses: $30.99

4. Godinger Dublin Double Old Fashioned Glasses

Since 1973, Godinger has been specializing in crystal and knows how to make the material sing. Case in point: this set of four double old fashioned glasses which features long, faceted cuts in a traditional starburst pattern for a truly classic feel. Each glass measures 4 inches high by 3.25 inches wide and holds 8 oz of liquid. That makes these glasses the smallest on our list, but still plenty big enough to hold your old fashioned. The lowball is also heavily weighted at the bottom, guaranteeing a sturdy, measured sip every time. Even when you’re not imbibing, this set is so chic that it works as a showpiece in your bar or drinks trolley.

Godinger Dublin Double Old Fashioned Glasses


Godinger Dublin Double Old Fashioned Glasses: $20.95

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