The Best Outdoor Cutting Boards for Your Backyard Kitchen or BBQ

Prep outdoors with ease.

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Cooking in the great outdoors is its own endeavor. While it doesn’t come with all the same conveniences of a traditional kitchen, it has its own rewards—and equipment, for that matter. When it comes to prepping food, you need a spacious surface where you can chop, slice and organize without fuss and it has to be tough enough to withstand whatever mother nature might send its way. Do yourself a favor and snag a dedicated outdoor cutting board.

Typically made from wood for both durability and weight—you won’t find this style blowing away in the wind easily—outdoor cutting boards tend to be a bit larger than their kitchen-bound cousins. This makes them ideal for prepping burgers or vegetables grill-side without worrying about running out of room.

To ensure you get the best addition for your cooking arsenal, we’ve curated our top four models available on Amazon so you can take your chef skills al fresco.

1. Kenyon Wood Cutting Board

Wood is one of the oldest surfaces used for cutting and, no matter how much our cutlery may have changed, it still works. But the kind of wood used is critical. This model takes advantage of maple’s natural properties—minimal porosity and remarkable hardness—to fashion a tough board that you can safely hack away on without worrying that it will easily splinter or crack. Measuring 10 inches long and 6.5 inches wide, it’s an ideal size for setting up over your grill cart’s side table and comes made with a grooved perimeter to catch any juices that might otherwise spillover.

Kenyon Wood Cutting Board

Courtesy of Amazon

Kenyon Wood Cutting Board: $20.86

2. Sonder Los Angeles Store Thick Acacia Wood Cutting Board

Acacia wood is not only phenomenally durable, it is also kind to your best knives helping to preserve their sharp edge even after lots of slicing and dicing. This board uses a particularly thick slab of it constructed from planks for longevity and comes with a moat around the edge to collect any wayward juices—a great feature for both prepping food and carving the finished product. But perhaps what is most appealing about this model is its versatility and user-friendliness. Both sides are finished so you can use either as you work or flip mid-prep for foods you want to remain separate. Plus, it has built-in handles so you can turn it over with minimal effort.

Sonder Los Angeles Store Thick Acacia Wood Cutting Board

Courtesy of Amazon

Sonder Los Angeles Store Thick Acacia Wood…: $59.95

3. Dalstrong End-Grain Teak Cutting & Serving Board

Somewhat of an outlier on our list, this model by Dalstrong uses a different construction technique that embraces the ends pieces of wood as opposed to using the typical long planks. It offers a beautiful look where the natural variety of grain and subtle color variations shine through. Options like this might be a bit trickier to maintain intact, but they more or less function just as well as their counterparts. Measuring 15.8 inches by 11.8 inches, both ends are slightly concave which allows room for slender metal handles to be fixed in place.

Dalstrong End-Grain Teak Cutting & Serving Board

Courtesy of Amazon

Dalstrong End-Grain Teak Cutting & Serving Board

4. Bambüsi Bamboo Carving Board

Have you ever tried to slice right into a massive turkey breast or thick-cut steak and worried all those juices would make it slip right out from under your knife? You’re not alone. Luckily, this board has a textured surface made from dozens and dozens of small prongs to ensure you get the best grip possible. Like some of our other models, it also features juice-collecting moats around the outside and has a design that works flipped either way. Measuring 17 inches by 13 inches, it’s the largest model on our list and can tackle just about anything you’re cooking up.

Bambüsi Bamboo Carving Board

Courtesy of Amazon

Bambüsi Bamboo Carving Board: $49.99

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