The Best Outdoor Lamps for Turning Your Backyard Into an Evening Oasis

Brighten up your outdoor living space.

best outdoor lamp Courtesy of Mikael Kristenson/Unsplash

If you’re someone who enjoys spending time in your outdoor space, then the details really matter. Getting the right furniture, fixtures and decorations for your backyard, patio or deck make for true outdoor living. But what if you’re hoping to spend time in that space in the evening after the sun goes down? It’s not much use if you can’t even see it. That’s where outdoor lamps come into play.

Usually movable and built to withstand the elements, outdoor lamps provide light where there otherwise wouldn’t be any. Not only do they allow us to see, but they can act as an important part of decor that makes your alfresco area seem more like an extension of your home’s interior.

To complete your space and ensure that hosting a nighttime cocktail hour with friends and family is indeed a possibility, snag one of our top four models available on Amazon.

1. Kenroy Home Rustic Outdoor Floor Lamp

If you’re looking for something that’ll make your terrace feel like an outdoor living room, this could be the option for you. Constructed with a slender silhouette, it has a small round base and a top covered in a modern shade woven from natural rattan in an abstract manner designed to resemble a bird’s nest. This results in dazzling shadows. Measuring 59 inches high and 16 inches in diameter, its metal body has a handsome and versatile bronze finish that can suit just about any style. And no need to worry about fumbling with a small switch to turn yours on and off—it comes built with a pole switch for ease of use.

Kenroy Home Rustic Outdoor Floor Lamp

Courtesy of Amazon

Kenroy Home Rustic Outdoor Floor Lamp: $159.99

2. JHY DESIGN Decorative Lamp

This great design is phenomenal all on its, but you know what makes it better? Its dual purpose. This lamp has an open framework that allows for the maximum amount of light to escape to its surroundings. It looks handsome set on an outdoor dining table, but it can also be hung for added versatility. Its Edison bulb emits a strong glow while remaining energy efficient—an important feature given that this model runs on AAA batteries. Use it to light up your tablescape and then simply scoop it up by the top rope handle to guide your guests inside for coffee or aperitifs.

JHY DESIGN Decorative Lamp

Courtesy of Amazon

JHY DESIGN Decorative Lamp: $19.99

3. Grand Patio Outdoor Floor Lamp

Environmental consciousness is more important than ever, which is part of what makes this solar-powered model so great. Simply leave it out during the day and it’ll absorb enough energy from our solar system’s central star to provide 15 lumens of light at night. And even if the weather turns unpleasant, no need to fear as it is also water-resistant. Its powder-coated steel frame is durable and molded to resemble wicker so it emits a softer, more natural feel. And because it’s cordless, it’s also effortless to reposition if you need more light in a given area or if you decide to update the layout of your outdoor space.

Grand Patio Outdoor Floor Lamp

Courtesy of Amazon

Grand Patio Outdoor Floor Lamp: $59.99

4. Sterno Home Outdoor Lamp

If you look around cosmopolitan cities like London or New York, one of the most notable features of their wide streets is elegant street lamps. This home-friendly model takes its aesthetic cues from those with a classic design that’s both solar-powered and weather-resistant. Best of all, its 76-inch high frame emits a powerful 60 lumens of light so you can easily illuminate a large space. Even for those whose stomachs turn at the sight of instructions, this piece promises a remarkably easy assembly with only four components and both cement and wood screws for a variety of anchoring options.

Sterno Home Outdoor Lamp

Courtesy of Amazon

Sterno Home Outdoor Lamp: $128.69

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