The Best Outdoor Projectors for Backyard Movie Nights

BYO popcorn.

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As the old saying goes, there’s no place like home. It’s hard to match the peace and comfort that comes with your own space and, particularly if you’re a movie or sports fan, that setting can make all the difference to your viewing experience. So why not go all out? With the right outdoor projector, you can turn your backyard, garage or another patch of open space into a theater all your own.

Defined by their easy portability and crisp display, outdoor projectors have improved dramatically in recent years. New models are better able to dissipate excess heat without additional noise and produce better sound and picture quality than ever before. Most are compatible with a range of devices so it’s simple to connect them to your smartphone or even a laptop.

Make the right digital investment and pick from one of our four favorites available on Amazon.

1. OKCOO Native 1080P Video Projector

If you’re going to be projecting a big screen outside, you need a machine that produces not only a clear picture quality but also a bright one. Whether late at night or during the afternoon, if the projection doesn’t have well-calibrated luminosity, viewers will end up struggling to see anything at all. Luckily, this one has you covered as it’s able to create 6,500 lumens—which is up to twice as bright as many of its competitors. Capable of rendering 1080p quality, it can be placed as little as one meter away from the projected surface and create a frame ranging from 32 inches all the way to 200 inches.

OKCOO Native 1080P Video Projector

Courtesy of Amazon

OKCOO Native 1080P Video Projector: $299.99

2. GooDee HD Video Projector

Not only is this model’s picture quality superb, but so is its sound. Its internal speakers can produce crisp hi-fi audio to match its crystalline video. Its lens can create a screen up to 230 inches from only a few feet away, making it among the largest on our list. Built with multiple ports (including two HDMI and two USB) it can connect to your phone, computer or tablet with ease—not to mention nearly every gaming system. This makes it an ideal pick for turning your backyard into a gaming arena for your closest friends and family.

GooDee HD Video Projector

Courtesy of Amazon

GooDee HD Video Projector: $149.99

3. Bomaker Portable Outdoor Projector

The problem with so many devices is that they can become a jumble of cords and cables that are not only a mess to sort through but also a serious tripping hazard. You can avoid all that mess with this model. Via wifi, it can perform a host of functions including mirror other devices nearby it’s connected to. Simply link your phone or laptop to it and whatever is on the small display will quickly be visible on the large projection. It has a bright 1080p picture quality and comes with a bulb that can function in top form for an impressive 50,000 hours.

Bomaker Portable Outdoor Projector

Courtesy of Amazon

Bomaker Portable Outdoor Projector: $127.76

4. WiMiUS HD Home & Outdoor Projector

Compatability is important when it comes to the kinds of machines on our list. It makes the difference between a model that merely works well enough and one that is truly integrated with all of your other tech for ease of use. This projector is most certainly in the latter camp, featuring a built-in Bluetooth chip that allows for secure and simple connectivity to everything from your phone to your computer. Moreover, if you want an especially immersive viewing experience, try connecting yours to a pair of Bluetooth speakers to amp up its already remarkable sound quality.

WiMiUS HD Home & Outdoor Projector

Courtesy of Amazon

WiMiUS HD Home & Outdoor Projector: $249.99

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