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The 10 Best Outdoor Sectional Sofas for Backyard Lounging

Give your lawn, patio, or terrace the warmth and richness it deserves with these weather-ready styles. 

best outdoor sectional sofas

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About two years ago, one of my good friends was hosting her wedding at her family home in Castine, Maine. What I thought would be a quaint gathering with a small group of people in the middle of nowhere was actually a lavish affair overlooking the most scenic view of lush hills rolling toward the clear-blue harbor. Her house was large, and the grounds were even more expansive. There were areas for flower beds, walking paths, sprawling lawned spaces, a small orchard, and more that I didn’t even get to see. But the zone that many in the party frequented that weekend, the spot where drinks were served, where laughs were had, where memories were shared was on the patio, all of us seated on an incredibly wide outdoor sectional sofa

This is exactly what makes a great sectional: the ability to bring people together and invite them to unwind, relax, and spark conversation with one another. They should also be comfortable and enhance the overall vibe of a home. The same sentiment applies to outdoor sofas, of course, but with an added all-important characteristic: They need to be weather-resistant. Natural fibers and untreated wood and metal will deteriorate under rainfall and intense heat or cold. Which is why outdoor sectionals are made of coated frames with cushions covered in synthetic materials that can withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at it. 

Prime example: the outdoor sectional in Castine. It was a deep-seated eight-seater done in a coastal style that featured a sturdy powder-coated aluminum frame in beige, along with cushions made of Sunbrella fabric in navy and white. It was incredibly durable, able to resist the scorching August sun, but also incredibly inviting and natty. Even on an estate with many attractions and other spots with lawn furniture, this singular item acted as a magnet, pulling the wedding party to it with great force. 

Feeling inspired? If you’re looking to spruce up your patio, to spice up your backyard, to give your lawn or terrace that warmth and richness it deserves, make sure to check out the best outdoor sectional sofas below. 

Most Expansive Outdoor Sectional Sofa

AllModern Darnell Metal Outdoor Sectional Sofa

A great wide backyard calls for a great wide sectional sofa. With ample amounts of lawn or patio space, it just makes sense to fill a corner or two with outdoor furniture—especially if you’re prone to throwing parties. Enter the Darnell from AllModern, a sectional with breadth, measuring 198 inches in width, the widest on this list. The set includes a four-seat sofa, two chairs with seat backs, and two backless ones that can also be used as makeshift coffee tables. What’s more, the frames are made of powder-coated aluminum with non-marking foot caps, and the washable cushions are sturdy polyester blend. Which means it’s primed for spills, sudden rainfall, and any other disaster that might disrupt your outdoor fête.  

Dimensions: 198 x 32 x 64.5 inches. 
Material: Metal, polyester, and polyester blend. 
Chaise: Adjustable.
Design: Modern. 

Buy Now on AllModern: $5,500 $4,100

Best Bohemian Outdoor Sectional Sofa

Casterly Sierra Sectional Sofa 

When it comes to bohemian furniture—a style marked for relaxed silhouettes, textured surfaces, and overall languid vibe—Casterly’s Sierra is the collection to know. Why? It doesn’t have the hippy, trippy attitude that’s often associated with designs in this category. Instead, the brand offers pieces that are more streamlined, more versatile, and better suited for the outdoors. This sectional sofa, for instance, is made of aluminum and polyethylene wicker and features polyester cushions that can withstand wet weather. Not to be outdone is the comfort. According to myriad reviews, the seats feel plush and look expensive, as if they were upholstered for your interiors. Overall, this sectional sofa imbues an unmissable charm. 

Dimensions: 58.7 x 29.9 x 26 inches.  
Material: Aluminum, polyethylene wicker, and polyester. 
Chaise: Adjustable. 
Design: Bohemian. 

Buy Now on Casterly: $2,389

Best Stain-Repellent Outdoor Sectional Sofa 

Burrow Relay Four-Piece Outdoor Sectional Sofa 

Burrow specializes in furniture that’s built to last, pieces that are constructed to support a good amount of weight and withstand wear and tear. What it lacks in flash, it more than makes up for in durability. And when it comes to outdoor sofas, this is pretty much the overriding factor to consider. The brand’s four-piece sectional, part of its Relay collection, for instance, is made of all-weather mesh and stain-repellent fabric. Feel free knock over whatever beverage you have on hand, because, as a video on the site shows, most spills will come right off. 

Dimensions: 92.4 x 60.2 x 33.2 inches. 
Material: Galvanized steel, all-weather mesh, and stain-repellent fabric. 
Chaise: Adjustable.
Design: Modern. 

Buy Now on Burrow: $4,685

Best Scandinavian Outdoor Sectional Sofa

Article Kotelu Outdoor Sectional Sofa 

Scandinavian design is marked by pale wood accents, unfussy silhouettes, and an overall lightness. The style perfectly combines form and function; there’s nothing superfluous about the shape and the materials used. Prime example: Article’s outdoor sectional, part of the brand’s Kotelu collection, which is made of cream eucalyptus wood, woven rope, and sturdy polypropylene. It will definitely blend into any space harmoniously. Plus, it comes with a generous selection of pillows and cushions that looks as comfortable as they feel.

Dimensions: 29 x 20 x 53 inches.
Material: Eucalyptus wood, woven rope, and polypropylene.
Chaise: Fixed. 
Design: Scandinavian. 

Buy Now on Article: $1,499

Best Wicker-Style Outdoor Sectional Sofa

Pottery Barn Cammeray All-Weather Wicker Four-Piece Sectional Sofa

Wicker furniture, pieces made of rattan, thin natural fibers that’s woven into congruent patterns, are usually relegated to interiors. But thanks to Pottery Barn, you can now bring the style outdoors. The brand offers a sectional with an aluminum frame that’s covered in a synthetic material to mimic the look and feel of wicker. Also, the cushion and pillows are made of Sunbrella fabrics. Which means that no matter the forecast, come rain or intense heat, this slim sofa will sit safely in your backyard, ready and waiting for you to plop on it. 

Dimensions: 81 x 30 x 57.5 inches.
Material: Aluminum, wicker-style synthetic material, and Sunbrella fabric.
Chaise: Fixed. 
Design: Bohemian. 

Buy Now on Pottery Barn: $4,252

Best Low-Lying Outdoor Sectional Sofa

Blomus Grow Outdoor Sectional Sofa

Speaking of plopping, check out this piece that beckons us to fall over it. Blomus, a brand known for its minimalist and functional designs, offers a low-lying sectional that’s equal parts comfortable, hard-wearing, and stylish. The sofa is inspired by Japanese interiors; it blends hard and soft elements to form a look that imbues sophistication and ease. It features a shell made of waterproof synthetic fibers, along with base plates and connectors that’ll allow you to adjust the seats in myriad ways. And if you’re worried about the bottom getting damaged, said base plates act as a barrier for anything underneath. 

Dimensions: 96 x 27 x 57 inches.
Material: Wood and waterproof synthetic shell. 
Chaise: Adjustable.
Design: Postmodern. 

Buy Now on AllModern: $4,000

Best Oversized Outdoor Sectional Sofa

West Elm Telluride Outdoor Three-Piece L-Shaped Sectional Sofa

If you gravitate toward styles that have girth, that are pronounced but are also sleek, West Elm has just what you’re looking for. The brand’s Telluride sofa, a large-and-in-charge three-piece, L-shaped sectional will definitely make a statement and take up a great deal of room in any outdoor space. The frame is made of solid sustainably sourced mahogany and eucalyptus that are moisture-resistant, while the yarn-dyed cushions are made of a weather-resistant polymer. It is definitely a style that makes a kingly statement, a worthy addition to your own castle’s grounds.

Dimensions: 109.5 x 33 x 109.5 inches.
Material: Moisture-resistant solid mahogany and eucalyptus wood, and weather-resistant fabric. 
Chaise: Adjustable. 
Design: Modern.

Buy Now on West Elm: $4,599

Most Unique Outdoor Sectional Sofa

Arhaus Porto Three-Piece L-Shaped Sectional Sofa 

Arhaus has a slew of exceptional styles for the outdoors, from minimalist designs to ones with an old world feel. But the one that really caught our eye, the one that really adds a new perspective to sofas, is this three-piece, L-shaped, armless sectional from the brand’s Porto collection. It is inspired by the curves and relaxed vibe of Portugal’s coastline and sort of mirrors Michel Ducaroy’s Togo—but built for the outdoors. It is made of an all-weather tube and cast-aluminum frame, covered in hand-tufted olefin fabric. Indeed, it permeates ease, sophistication, and comfort—all the descriptors that’s synonymous with lounging luxuriously. 

Dimensions: 99 x 27.75 x 75 inches. 
Material: All-weather tube and cast aluminum frame, and weather-resistant olefin fabric.
Chaise: Adjustable. 
Design: Postmodern. 

Buy Now on Arhaus: $8,498 $5,898

Best Outdoor Sectional Sofa with a Built-In Tabletop

Gloster Grid Outdoor Sectional Sofa

Since its founding in West Africa in the ’60s, Gloster has been offering some of the chicest minimalist styles in the furniture and home decor industries. The brand is particularly celebrated for its use of teak, how it uses the tropical hardwood in fresh, modern ways. And though the brand has relocated to Indonesia, it has maintained this same ethos. Case in point: the incredibly streamlined Grid outdoor sectional, a sofa that features a powder-coated aluminum frame, Sunbrella cushions, and, characteristic of the label, a built-in teak tabletop for you to rest your drink, novel, and anything needed for you to relax and unwind. 

Dimensions: 121.5 x 31.5 x 81 inches.
Material: Powder-coated aluminum, teak, and Sunbrella fabric. 
Chaise: Adjustable. 
Design: Modern. 

Buy Now on DWR: $11,950

Best Deep-Seated Outdoor Sectional Sofa

Article Lubek Outdoor Sectional Sofa

Like Blomus’s Grow (see above), Article’s Lubek also wants you to get low. But where the former is soft and compact, the latter is structured and sprawling. Its sturdy legs and an expansive frame can certainly hold a number of guests at your next shindig. But if you want a day to yourself, basking under the sun, this sectional allows you to spread your limbs. It is really designed for true lounging. What’s more, there’s a matching Acadia wood coffee table (sold separately) to set the scene for sunset drinks or breakfast alfresco. 

Dimensions: 100.5 x 22 x 98.5 inches. 
Material: Acacia wood, powder-coated steel, and polyester.
Chaise: Fixed. 
Design: Industrial.

Buy Now on Article: $2,299

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Outdoor Sectional Sofas:

Size: When it comes to furniture of all kinds, size always matters. The amount of square-footage available should dictate the width and length of the outdoor sectional you end up choosing. You’d want to give yourself, your family, and guests the ability to move around a patio, lawn, or terrace freely. So, if you’re working with a small space, it’s best to opt for a more compact option. But if your grounds are expansive and you have many corners to fill, something large and in charge is the way to go. 

Material: What differentiates an outdoor sectional for the one you have at home is the materials. Indeed, the stuff used for pieces contained in a climate-controlled environment certainly won’t work in the open air. As mentioned, untreated metal and wood will degenerate under intense conditions, as will natural fibers such as cotton, wool, velvet, and, in most cases, leather. This is why you need frames made of powdered-coated steel or aluminum, which are corrosion resistant, and cushion covers made of synthetic polymers—especially olefin (great for deterring abrasion, stains, sunlight, and fire) and Sunbrella, which boats similar properties to olefin but is much more water-resistant. 

Style: Your outdoor space should get the same amount of consideration as your interiors. Essentially, select a design style that reflects your personality and that you’d want to show off to others. But you should be mindful that purchasing a large piece of furniture is an investment, so stay clear of design trends. Some foolproof, everlasting options: modern, midcentury modem, coastal, and bohemian—all of which can be found on this list.

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