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The Best Outdoor Speakers to Liven Up Your Next Backyard BBQ

These four high-end speakers promise to deliver premium audio outside your abode.

The Best Outdoor Speakers on Amazon Amazon

Looking to add some energy to your next backyard cookout? Music always helps, but only if it’s coming from something with a little more oomph than your portable Bluetooth speakers. So, to really liven things up at your next outdoor gathering you’re going to need a set of dedicated outdoor speakers.

What differentiates indoor and outdoor speakers? Premium indoor speakers are designed to be used in controlled conditions and emphasize clarity and acoustics overall. Outdoor speakers, meanwhile, are meant to be heard in variable conditions. That means you can hear them even if the weather is less than ideal or there are people chatting.

If you’re planning a backyard party, inviting friends over to watch the big game outside, it’s a great time to invest in a set of outdoor speakers. Here are four of the best options currently available on Amazon.

1. Definitive Technology Outdoor Speaker

In addition to featuring all-weather protection, these speakers produce the kind of high-fidelity, surround sound-quality audio that will impress even the pickiest of audiophiles. You can also mount and place them any way you like around your patio or pool area. One thing to note: Each speaker is sold by itself, not as a set.

Definitive Technology Outdoor Speaker


Definitive Technology Outdoor Speaker: $249.00

2. Bose Environmental Outdoor Speakers

Bose is a trusted name in the audio world—and for good reason. The American outfit’s gear is designed to bring you high-quality sound no matter the setting. This hardwearing set of speakers has been engineered to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Fahrenheit all the way up to 158 degrees Farrenheit. The design features a glass-filled cabinet and speaker cone that provides year-long protection against snow and rain. It also features precisely positioned drivers and will deliver balanced stereo audio in any outdoor area. The speakers can be mounted either horizontally or vertically and feature a black colorway to help them blend into the environment.

Bose Outdoor Speakers


Bose Environmental Outdoor Speakers:

3. Dual Electronics High-Performance Outdoor Speakers

Set Dual’s bookshelf-style speakers up in your backyard and you’ll be able to hear your favorite tunes no matter how much wind or ambient chatter there is. They’re also easy to set up and feature swivel brackets so you can make sure sound is being directed exactly where you want it to be. The company also sells a Bluetooth amplifier if you’re looking for a little more oomph.

Dual Electronics Three-Way High Performance Outdoor Speakers


Dual Electronics High-Performance Outdoor Speakers: $49.99

4. Polk Audio Atrium 5 Outdoor Speakers

Like the best outdoor speakers, Polk Audio’s pair was designed with the variable conditions in mind. These speakers feature a five-inch driver that will produce a loud and clear sound that can cut through background noise. They feature a speed-lock mounting bracket that makes installing the speakers, either standing up or on their side, a breeze.

Polk Audio Atrium 5 Outdoor Speakers


Polk Audio Atrium 5 Outdoor Speakers: $218.99

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