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The Best Outdoor Speakers for Delivering Premium Sound at Your Next Party

Create the perfect mood with the push of a button.

Anerimst Outdoor Speaker Amazon

Any entertainer knows that no alfresco soirée is complete without some accompanying tunes. Whether it’s your favorite ‘50s crooner or a little upbeat jazz, music is one of the quickest and easiest ways to create ambiance at any party or gathering. Suffice to say, a good set of outdoor speakers is a must.

As its moniker implies, this audio equipment is designed to function outside. This means the speakers are weatherproof and built to withstand the elements to deliver music in rain, hail or shine. Furthermore, they pack enough power to produce rich, superior sound in open-air environments.

When it comes to aesthetics, outdoor speakers run the gamut from the classic cube with honeycomb grill to clever designs that double as lanterns. It all comes down to what will work best in your particular exterior space.

Here, we’ve selected four of the best sets of outdoor speakers to get you grooving in no time.


1. Pohopa Outdoor Speakers

With a deceptively simple lantern-like exterior, Pohopa’s multipurpose outdoor speakers actually double as garden lights. The two speakers each deliver 10 watts and can be paired together for powerful and rich surround sound. They are also fitted with built-in LED lights that will brighten up any outdoor space, literally. Since the speakers are compatible with Bluetooth, you can control them via your phone while you’re up to 33 feet away. Each speaker also packs a rechargeable lithium battery which means you needn’t worry about pesky wires. Naturally, they’re also water and dustproof.

Pohopa Outdoor Speaker


Pohopa Outdoor Speakers: $169.98

2. Polk Audio Outdoor Speakers

Polk has opted to eschew fancy aesthetics in favor of high-fidelity audio. That doesn’t mean they’re not stylish. On the contrary, the classic, cube-like speakers will make a welcome addition to any outdoor area. While the speakers may be small, they’ll deliver big sound by punching out a collective 80 watts of power. The speakers also offer wide sound dispersion and surprisingly powerful bass, which gives them the ability to cut through background noise and fill any space with dynamic audio.

Polk Audio Outdoor Speaker


Polk Audio Outdoor Speakers: $199.00

3. Anerimst Outdoor Speaker

Like the top pick on our list, Anerimst’s outdoor speaker doubles as a light and delivers far more than superior stereo sound. In fact, the three-in-one design can be used as a table lantern, hanging lamp or tiki torch depending on which kind of atmosphere you wish to create. The LED even creates warm yellow light that flickers like a real flame. The wireless speaker delivers five watts for clear and crisp sound. It also features a rechargeable battery that offers 18 hours of playtime. To top it off, this speaker can connect to smartphones, tablet or computers and is also weatherproof for year-round enjoyment.

Anerimst Outdoor Speaker


Anerimst Outdoor Speaker: $49.99

4. Dual Electronics Outdoor Speakers

Dual Electronics’ high-performance speakers are the most powerful on our list. Boasting 100 watts of peak power, the three-way design promises to turn any outdoor space into “auditory nirvana.” While they are a little bulkier than, say, Polk’s compact speakers, you’ll have no issue incorporating them into your patio, backyard, or terrace. Built to weather any season, the speakers are coated with a UV-resistant resin and are also waterproof. For the best acoustic experience, pair the speakers with a matching Bluetooth amplifier.

Dual Electronics Outdoor Speaker


Dual Electronics Outdoor Speakers: $49.99

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