The Best Oven Thermometers for Perfect Roasting and Baking

Use this clever tool to ensure the most accurate results.

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If you’re an avid fan of roasting or baking, you know that oven temperature matters—a lot. And though even the most basic models come with temperature readers, how accurate are they in practice? The truth is, they can vary far more than you’d think. And that can be a worrisome thought when you’re planning to make something delicate like a soufflé or want to roast a cut of beef to a specific doneness. So what’s a more reliable way of gauging just how hot or cool yours is? An oven thermometer.

Like its handheld cousins, an oven thermometer determines the temperature of a given environment, the difference being this one stays stashed hanging from or sitting on top of oven racks. Though their primary task is the same, how they function can be quite different. And while temperature markings are large and clear on some models, they inspire squinting on others. Plus, you need something that will sit securely in place without undue risk of toppling over mid-broil.

To help ensure you get the best results while cooking, we’ve rounded up our top four oven thermometers available on Amazon.


1. KT THERMO Oven Thermometer

An oven thermometer is useless unless it’s accurate. Luckily, KT Thermo’s designs have been thoroughly vetted for precision and is capable of reading temperatures ranging from 100 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. That means it’s safe to use even cooking at the highest temperatures, like when baking your own pizza. Constructed from durable stainless steel, it comes built with a hook at the top so it can securely hang from grates and an angular base so it can rest on top of them just as easily.

Pros: Large temperature markings make it easy to read.

Cons: Its triangular base might not be the most stable on wide grates.

KT THERMO Oven Thermometer

Courtesy of Amazon

KT THERMO Oven Thermometer: $12.60

2. Rubbermaid Commercial Instant Read Oven Thermometer

Rubbermaid has a longstanding reputation as a reliable maker of great kitchen tools and this thermometer is no exception. It is forged from sturdy stainless steel with a shatterproof face so it’s tough enough to endure constant use. It has a wide gauge capable of reading temperatures ranging from a low of 60 degrees Fahrenheit all the way to 580 degrees Fahrenheit making it one of the most wide-ranging on our list. It also can read temperatures instantly so no unnecessary fiddling is required when temperatures change.

Pros: It has a shatterproof lens so you won’t have to worry about it breaking.

Cons: The temperature markings are on the smaller side so they may be more difficult to read for some.

Rubbermaid Commercial Instant Read Oven Thermometer

Courtesy of Amazon

Rubbermaid Commercial Instant Read Oven…: $7.22

3. Taylor Classic Oven Thermometer

When your oven is hot and you’re baking a delicate treat, there’s little room for error. That’s why having large, clear temperature markings are so important. Thankfully, Taylor’s tool has an extra-large face that’s easy to decipher. Its stainless steel body and glass dial are both resistant to corrosion, an important feature considering all the caked-on grease and debris they may encounter if used regularly. And since it’s certified by the National Sanitation Foundation, you can rest assured that this model was designed with food safety in mind.

Pros: Extra-large markings make this model especially easy to read even in dim ovens.

Cons: Its narrow base may be more prone to toppling over.

Taylor Classic Oven Thermometer

Courtesy of Amazon

Taylor Classic Oven Thermometer: $8.28

4. AcuRite Oven Thermometer

Why overcomplicate a good thing? AcuRite’s oven thermometer has a minimalist design made from stainless steel that can read temperatures ranging from 150 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Though it has a narrow base, it also comes with an integrated hanging hook at the top like several other models listed here. We like having the option as it can sometimes prove more stable, especially for recipes that require opening and closing the oven frequently for monitoring. It can also tell how temperature differs from oven rack to oven rack, something useful for baked goods like cookies.

Pros: The simple design is a classic that’s sure to work smoothly.

Cons: Its temperature readings aren’t quite as wide as some other models on our list.

AcuRite Oven Thermometer

Courtesy of Amazon

AcuRite Oven Thermometer: $15.23

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