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The Best Oyster Plates for Serving Up Half Shells

Four stylish plates designed specifically for serving bivalves to your family and friends.

Mud Pie Oyster Tray Amazon

Fresh oysters, from the Pacific, Atlantic or elsewhere, are a real treat. Shucking them, however, takes time and practice. Once you’re through, you’ll want to properly enjoy the fruits of your labor. But don’t just throw the mollusks on any old platter. Instead, invest in a restaurant-worthy oyster plate to properly display them (before you gobble up the lot, that is).

But an oyster plate shouldn’t just look great. It should also make sense functionally. There should be enough space, for instance, to fill the tray space up with ice, plus a center slot for the all-important cocktail sauce and lemons. Some oyster plates can even be stuck in the oven, if you prefer your bivalves cooked.

You can use an oyster plate for more than just mollusks, too. Your favorite can easily double as a serving tray for chips and dip, deviled eggs or whatever else strikes your fancy. After all, oysters needn’t be the only excuse to make use of it. Here are four of our favorites.

1. Mud Pie Oyster Tray Set

Designed for entertainers, Mud Pie’s stylish three-piece set comes with the extras you’ll need to serve a plate of oysters. Measuring 15-inches wide, the tin tray has a wholly authentic feel and is great for seafood boils. It’s complemented by a ceramic dip bowl and an oyster-shaped spoon that’s crafted from wood and stainless steel. But it’s not just great for serving oysters: if you layer it with enough fresh ice, you can use it to serve shrimp, crab or other shellfish.

Mud Pie Oyster Tray



Mud Pie Oyster Tray Set:

2. Burton + Burton Oyster Platter

If you’re having friends over in the near future and want to impress with a stylish oyster plate, then consider this Burton + Burton platter. Shaped like a white shell, it’s a bright, standout addition to any dinner table. Plus, the seashell shape at the base both looks great and doubles as a slot for cocktail sauce.

Burton + Burton Oyster Platter


Burton + Burton Oyster Platter: $57.99

3. Mud Pie Oyster Tray

This is the second oyster tray by Mud Pie on this and is almost as good as the first. It features a fun and lighthearted design, with the dipping sauce notch in the middle reading “shuck the front door,” and the accompanying fork informing you that “the world is your oyster.” The ceramic tray should also seamlessly fit in with your other tableware, too. If not, Mud Pie has plenty of other bits and bobs in its Circa Seafood collection to pair it with.

Mud Pie Oyster Tray


Mud Pie Oyster Tray: $29.35

4. Outset Oyster Pan

Outset’s oyster pan is designed for someone who’d rather cook up oysters than serve them raw. Fill the tray with up to a dozen bivalves, stick it in the oven and serve. The plate can also serve raw oysters on the half shell, making it a versatile addition to any kitchen.

Outset Oyster Pan


Outset Oyster Pan: $37.01

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