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The Best Patio String Lights to Brighten Up Your Backyard

Add a little ambiance to your next alfresco soirée.

Solatec String Lights Amazon

String lights are one of the quickest and easiest ways to brighten up outdoor areas. The decorative lighting solution offers plenty of flexibility can be installed pretty much anywhere, from a balcony to a patio, for added glitz and glamor during alfresco soirées.

Believe it or not, Thomas Edison actually created the very first strand of electric lights during the 1880 Christmas season. The noted American inventor nailed the aesthetic and it has seldom changed since then. Many modern string lights have a charming vintage style straight out of the 18th century, even though they pack loads of innovative features. Nowadays, string lights can be dimmable, as well as water and shatter resistant. Many are also fitted with energy-efficient LEDs to help keep your power bill in check.

Here are four of the very best patio string light options currently available on Amazon, each of which you can hang with pride.

1. Brightown 50-Foot Patio String Lights

Perfect for the bigger backyards or patios, Brightown’s set of string lights spans a staggering 50 feet. It boasts some 50 Edison bulbs—easily the most of any of the options on this list—that each offer 5 watts, just enough power to create a romantic atmosphere outdoors. Featuring weatherproof technology, this set will continue to shine even in the most extreme conditions. Furthermore, each bulb is crafted from thickened glass for added durability.

Brightown String Lights


Brightown 50-Foot Patio String Lights: $33.98

2. Solatec LED String Lights

Solatec’s string lights truly shine when it comes to energy efficiency. Measuring 48 feet, the set is equipped with 15 LED bulbs, each of which produces 2 watts to create a warm and inviting ambiance. Crafted from heavy-duty shatterproof plastic, the bulbs are capable of withstanding typical wear and tear. The set is also waterproof and will illuminate your outdoor space rain or shine.

Solatec String Lights


Solatec LED String Lights: $29.99

3. Addlon 48-Foot String Lights

When it comes to sparkle, Addlon’s set of string lights delivers. It features 15 incandescent bulbs that produce 11 watts each—yes, you read that right—for unmatched brightness in any outdoor area. Featuring a heavy-duty cord and durable plastic bulbs, this set is built to last a lifetime. It’s also waterproof and can withstand the most taxing elements all year long. What’s more, this set features a hanging hook above each socket that makes it a breeze to install.

Addlon String Lights


Addlon 48-Foot String Lights: $27.99

4. Brightown 25-Foot Patio String Lights

This is the second set of Brightown string lights to make this list and a shorter alternative to our top pick. Measuring 25 feet, this set is fitted with 25 durable 5-watt bulbs. You can also pair the bulbs with a dimmer to create a more moody atmosphere. Although this set is far shorter than the other three, it’s great for tight outdoor spaces. It can also make a great addition to your Christmas tree. Furthermore, this set is waterproof and easy to install.

Brightown String Lights


Brightown 25-Foot Patio String Lights: $16.95

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