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The Best Pegboard Organizer to Hold Your Tools and Equipment

Keep your workshop or garage neat and clutter-free.

Torack Pegboard Organizer Amazon

One of the worst parts about any DIY project is the mess that it can bring. Indeed, even the tidiest tinkerers may occasionally leave a tool or two out in the open. This not only creates unnecessary clutter but can quite be dangerous, too. That’s where pegboards come in.

This nifty organization system is believed to have been invented back in 1897 by a doctor who sought to keep his medical instruments separate to prevent the spread of leprosy. These traditional designs were made from hardwood and featured holes where one could hang pegs to hold different tools and instruments. Nowadays, DIYers can opt for sturdy metal pegboards that are said to be roughly 10 times stronger than conventional designs and can hold anything from a hammer to a bicycle.

Here, we’ve selected four of the best pegboards available on Amazon to hold your tools and keep your workshop or garage neat and clutter-free.

1. Torack Pegboard Organizer

Torack’s 4-foot pegboard has strength and durability in spades. It’s forged from hardwearing steel and said to be 10 times stronger than traditional wood versions. The set features 48 separate pieces, including perforated rails, pegboard bins, shelves, pegs, a special screwdriver hook, a wrench bracket and a drill bit storage box. It even has a handy paper towel holder. In short, this is the ultimate wall organizer and can hold pretty much any tool or gear you desire. It’s also super easy to install. All you need is an electric drill and a level to ensure you mount the board nice and straight.

Torack Pegboard Organizer


Torack Pegboard Organizer: $159.99

2. Ultrawall Pegboard with Hooks

Like Torack’s design, Ultrawall’s pegboard organizer comes complete with everything you need sans the paper towel rack. In addition to the heavy-duty perforated steel mounting rails, you’re given an array of different hooks, shelves and storage bins that effortlessly snap securely into place. The sturdy design can hold up to 1,200 lbs, which makes it perfect for holding heavier power tools, bulky garden equipment or even a bicycle. The pegboard is quick and easy to install and can be adjusted on the fly to give even more versatility. The steel also features an epoxy finish to give it even more durability.

Ultrawall Pegboard with Hooks


Ultrawall Pegboard with Hooks: $149.99

3. Wall Control Pegboard Organizer

Like the first two designs on this list, Wall Control’s steel pegboard features a powder-coated finish that prevents it from rusting, chipping or cracking. It’s also said to be 10 times stronger than traditional pegboards and comes with an array of pegs and accessories. The pegboard measures four feet in total and can be arranged to hold a wide variety of tools and equipment. On top of that, each piece in the set is colored white for an elegant feel that’s sure to appeal to any minimalists in the mix. Installation is a cinch and the pegboard mounts directly into studs or sheetrock with no additional framing required.

Wall Control Store Pegboard Organizer


Wall Control Pegboard Organizer: $134.73

4. Pin Peg & Home Pegboard Organizer

Whereas the first three items on this list were designed for garages or workshops, Pin Peg & Home’s pegboard is stylish enough to live inside your abode. The strong perforated metal is surrounded by a walnut stained pinewood frame that elevates the overall aesthetic. It’s certainly not the strongest pegboard on our list—in fact, it can only hold 20 lbs—but it is a great storage system for an office, mudroom, laundry or playroom. While you’ll have to buy the baskets and hooks yourself, the pegboard does come with a matching wooden shelf to get you started. This means you can really put some thought into which accessories you actually need and avoid getting sent excess equipment.

Pin Peg & Home Store Pegboard


Pin Peg & Home Pegboard Organizer:

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