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The Best Picnic Blankets to Make a Day at the Park Even More Fun

Four deluxe (and extra portable) blankets you'll want to add to your picnic setup ASAP.

The Best Picnic Blankets on Amazon Amazon

Who doesn’t like a picnic? There are few activities more enjoyable than dining outside with family and friends. There’s one thing that can sour to the experience, aside from bad weather, though: sitting on the dirty ground. This is exactly why you’ll want a dedicated picnic blanket.

The actual food and basket you carry it in may hog all the attention, but a good blanket is also a vital piece of any picnic setup. Sure, you can throw down any old sheet or blanket, but a dedicated blanket will only add to the experience. A top-notch picnic blanket will have a colorful design, cover lots of ground and include some padding for added comfort. And if it’s easy to clean and comes with a bag to pack it in, that’s all the better.

If you’re a fan of picnics it’s well worth investing in a dedicated blanket. Here are four of the best options to shop now.

1. Portable Large Picnic Blanket

If you’re searching for a comfortable picnic blanket, look no further than this model from PortableAnd. It features three layers—soft fleece, sponge and waterproof PEVA backing—so you’re comfortable no matter how uneven or pebble-strewn the ground you’re sitting on is. This may be its main virtue, but the blanket is also large, resistant to staining, weighs less than two pounds and includes a built-in handle.

PortableAnd Extra Large Picnic Blanket


Portable Large Picnic Blanket: $19.99

2. Three Donkeys Extra-Large Picnic Blanket

If a traditional design is what you’re on the hunt for, Three Donkeys can deliver. The brand’s picnic blanket features a traditional red-and-white checker design that wouldn’t have been out of place on the set to Leave It to Beaver. There’s more to this blanket than just its traditional aesthetic, though. It’s weather-resistant and is machine washable in case you need to clean it.

Three Donkeys Extra-Large Picnic


Three Donkeys Extra-Large Picnic Blanket: $28.99

3. RedCamp Extra-Large Picnic Blanket

If you want to add some extra personality to your picnic, this blanket should do the trick. The brand’s model is available in a number of vibrant designs and color schemes. At 77 by 79 inches, it’s easily the largest blanket on this list and features a PVC waterproof layer which means cleanup is as simple as wetting a paper towel or cloth and wiping it down. Rounding out the package is a bag to carry it in.

RedCamp Extra-Large Picnic Blanket


RedCamp Extra-Large Picnic Blanket: $17.99

4. Scuddles Extra-Large Picnic Blanket

As fun as colorful picnic blanket can be, the last thing you want is something that looks garish. This model from Scuddle has an understated, muted-color pattern that’s as tasteful as picnic blanket designs can be. Even if it didn’t look so good, this blanket would still be plenty attractive, thanks to its woven fabric upper layer, thick padded middle layer waterproof PEVA backing. If that wasn’t enough, cleaning it up is as simple as shaking the dirt or grass off and quickly wiping it down.

Scuddles Extra-Large Picnic Blanket


Scuddles Extra-Large Picnic Blanket: $28.99

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