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The Best Pie Carriers for Transporting Delicious Desserts

Share the pastry with these sturdy and protective transporters.

pie carrier Courtesy of Amazon

Making a beautiful pie is the pride of a great home baker. But what if you need to take that magnificent deep-dish apple confection to a family member or friend’s home for dessert? It’s nervewracking to imagine that the crust you worked so hard to develop into flaky perfection might crumble in transport. That’s where a great pie carrier comes in.

Specifically designed to securely cradle pies, a pie carrier does just what its name implies. There’s no universal design, but most have a flat bottom and a domed lid capable of accommodating just about any variety—even those piled high with peaks of meringue. But that’s more or less where the similarities end. Handle design, closing mechanisms and capacity are all important factors to weigh before deciding on the model that’s right for you.

In order to make sure you get a model worthy of your favorite pie, here’s a roundup of our top four favorites available on Amazon.

1. Picnic Plus Insulated Dessert Carrier

Though transporting a pie is always tricky business, there are some that cause even more concern, like those that need to remain chilled to maintain their consistency. For those more delicate options, try Picnic Plus’ model which has an insulated foil interior capable of housing foods up to 12 inches in diameter and 4 inches tall. But the advantages of the insulation also makes it one of the most versatile models presented here because it can keep things like dips cool and casseroles warm.

Pros: It’s the only insulated model on our list making it the ideal option for desserts that need to remain chilled.

Cons: The colorful pattern across the exterior might not be to everyone’s taste.

Picnic Plus Insulated Dessert Carrier

Courtesy of Amazon

Picnic Plus Insulated Dessert Carrier: $36.99

2. Sweet Creations Multipurpose Carrier

Capable of fitting pie plates up to 10 inches in diameter, Sweet Creations’ carrier is a great option for transporting a standard pie. But it can do so much more. From toting a fruit platter or charcuterie plate to stacks of cookies, it takes on every task with equal acuity. A double-locking lid is especially secure and built-in air vents allow for circulation, something useful when transporting foods that are warm or hot. Its PBA-free plastic construction is super durable and sure to withstand lots of use.

Pros: It has a built-in vent to provide circulation for warm or hot foods.

Cons: Its transparent lid doesn’t make it optimal for grand reveals.

Sweet Creations Multipurpose Carrier

Courtesy of Amazon

Sweet Creations Multipurpose Carrier: $29.95

3. Essaware Pie SAFE Travel & Storage Container

With Essaware’s cake and dessert carrier, having too little storage should never be a problem. Capable of transporting up to four pies, its shelves are removable for pies or cakes that are especially tall or loaded with decorative elements. Though opaque from the sides, it has a clear front door that allows any passerby to view the sweet desserts housed within. Made from durable plastic, it has a lightweight design that won’t cause fatigue even when fully loaded with heavy confections.

Pros: The incredible storage capacity is ideal for large parties or other gatherings.

Cons: It might be a bit too much for someone who doesn’t regularly bake and transport multiple pies.

Essaware Pie SAFE Travel & Storage Container

Courtesy of Amazon

Essaware Pie SAFE Travel & Storage Container:

4. OXO Good Grips Glass Pie Plate with Lid

A lot of pie carriers are great for their namesake function: carrying pies. Fewer will let you actually bake something in them beforehand. This model from OXO, however, features a borosilicate glass base that is oven-, microwave- and dishwasher-safe. Its lid is made from BPA-free plastic, so you can keep even warm pies and quiches safe on the go. And it’s low-slung sides and generous topper are highly adaptable; you can cook and transport everything from delicate tarts to heaving applied pies without worrying about them getting crushed.

Pros: The all-in-one design saves space in your kitchen cupboards.

Cons: It doesn’t have a top handle, so you may need both hands to carry it.

OXO Good Grips Glass Pie Plate with Lid


OXO Good Grips Glass Pie Plate with Lid: $14.99

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