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The Best Pint Glasses for Every Kind of Beer

The perfect glass for a chilled ale.

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There’s nothing quite like a tall glass of ice-cold brew. Whether you’re relaxing with friends at the end of a long week or enjoying a lager while barbecuing over a holiday weekend, it just seems to suit so many occasions. But what kind of glass are you sipping from? While you could drink from any old one, why not try something made just for your favorite beer: a pint glass.

Usually crafted from weighty, clear glass, a pint glass has a stripped-back silhouette that doesn’t get in the way of drinking a given ale. It has a wide mouth and tapers gently toward the base without any extraneous details. The thickness of its walls means that you can place it in the fridge or freezer ahead of time to keep your beverage perfectly chilled.

Filtering through so many different models can make one’s head spin. Fortunately, we’ve done the legwork and curated a list of our top four picks from Amazon so you can crack open a cold one in style.

1. Modvera Drinkware Beer Pint Glass Set

Coming in a set of six, these pint glasses are minimal, functional and timeless pieces of glassware. Created with a stackable design, you’ll never have to worry about having enough space in the cupboard and their thick glass resists breakage. Plus, their density means they’ll help keep your drink chilled even when enjoying an IPA outside on a warm afternoon. Even if you’re not looking to recreate a pub in your home, these are great all-rounders which can be used for everything from water to milk to juice.

Modvera Drinkware Beer Pint Glass

Courtesy of Amazon

Modvera Drinkware Beer Pint Glass Set: $18.95

2. Luxu British Pint Glass Set

Want to turn your home bar into an old-fashioned British pub? These pint glasses from Luxu should do the trick. Not only are these imperial pint glasses, meaning they hold 20 oz of beer just like those used on the other side of the Atlantic, but they feature a curvaceous design that’s a nice change of pace from the straight-walled shape of most of their peers. They’re also sturdy and, because of their shape, easy to stack, making storage a breeze.

Luxu British Pint Glass Set


Luxu British Pint Glass Set: $21.98

3. Real Deal Steel Stainless Steel Pint Glasses

Unique on our list, this set of glasses is not made from glass at all, instead opting for stainless steel construction. Not only does this make them significantly more difficult to break, but it also allows for an insulated, double-walled design that helps keep drinks hot or cold. Complete with four glasses, this is a perfect choice for taking on a tailgate cookout or camping trip for the family. And transporting them is just as easy as storing them in the cupboard thanks to their stackable design. Featuring a lipless rim, they don’t harbor any grime and are easy to clean after every use.

Real Deal Steel Stainless Steel Pint Glasses

Courtesy of Amazon

Real Deal Steel Stainless Steel Pint Glasses: $49.99

4. Arc International Luminarc Specialty Pub Glass Set

If you’re looking for a set of glasses to cover the family and several guests, this set is it. Complete with 12 glasses, it is the largest set on our list and one of the simplest—that’s important because it means versatility. Built with a gently tapered silhouette, they each hold 16 ounces of liquid and are wide across the top to help you take in the aroma as you sip your favorite beer. Not only does the design enhance the experience in that way, but it also means these are easy to stack so they take up less storage space and are easy to find. And while the brand encourages you to care for them, they are also built tough enough to handle everyday use.

Arc International Luminarc Specialty Pub Glass Set

Courtesy of Amazon

Arc International Luminarc Specialty Pub Glass Set: $28.99

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