The Best Pizza Cutters for Getting That Perfect Slice

Four cutters that are sure to deliver picture-perfect pies.

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If there’s one thing that cooking shows have taught us over the last couple decades, it’s that presentation is a vital part of the culinary process. Sure, the ingredients may be what makes a dish taste good or bad, but presentation can take it to the next level.

This even applies to pizza. There are also few sights more appetizing to a foodie than a perfectly cut slice. And with at-home pizza ovens making it easier than ever to turn your kitchen into a bona fide pizzeria, you’re going to want to make sure your pie (and slices) looks the part. Unfortunately, the knives you already own probably aren’t going to cut it (pun intended). You’re going to need something that’s specifically designed for the job.

Whether it’s a traditional blade, a mezzaluna or a knife, there’s a variety of cutters out there to divide your pie into mouth-watering slices. Here are four of the best.

1. Reinhoffer Mezzaluna Knife and Pizza Cutter Rocker

If you want long, evenly cut slices, then you’re going to want to invest in a mezzaluna. With a few quick rocking motions you’ll have neatly cleaved your pizza in half—you can continue the simple process until you’ve reached the desired number of slices. And while this high-carbon, stainless-steel version can also dice vegetables and herbs, it was designed to specifically handle pizza and all the meat and cheese it’s topped with. It’s also one of the safest pizza cutters you’ll find, as it’s almost impossible to cut yourself when both hands are on the handles.

Pros: A safe-to-use mezzaluna that makes precision cutting easy.

Cons: Takes up more space than your average pizza cutter.

Reinhoffer Mezzaluna Knife and Pizza Cutter Rocker


Reinhoffer Mezzaluna Knife and Pizza Cutter Rocker: $54.99

2. Rösle Stainless Round-Handle Pizza Cutter

There’s a reason why pizzerias use traditional, no-frills pizza cutters. They just work. Apply some pressure, run it across the pie a few times and—voila!—you have slices. This cutter, which was designed in Germany, has a 2.7-inch cutting wheel made from 18/10 stainless steel that can cleanly cut through pizza without damaging the toppings.

Pros: A straightforward pizza cutter that’s easy to use.

Cons: Classic design means it lacks some pizzazz.

Rösle Stainless Round-Handle Pizza Cutter


Rösle Stainless Round-Handle Pizza Cutter: $25.95

3. American Metalcraft Pizza Knife with Double Handles

Sometimes you’re in a rush and you don’t have time to neatly slice your pizza. That’s when you’ll want a cutting knife like this two-handed slicer. Its 18-inch, stainless-steel blade is perfect for cutting extra-large slices (as well as raw vegetables). And while it will certainly save you time, its double-handled design ensures that sure you’ll do so safely. It’s easy to clean, too, as you can put it in the dishwasher without a worry.

Pros: An extra-long, two-handled knife for chopping pizza and vegetables.

Cons: Not the best choice if space is at a premium.

American Metalcraft Pizza Knife with Double Handles


American Metalcraft Pizza Knife with Double…: $24.08

4. Michael Aram Olive Branch Gold Pizza Cutter

Pizza cutters have a very specific purpose, but there’s no reason why they can’t look good while accomplishing that task. Designed to look like the branch that it’s named after, this otherwise traditional cutter features an eye-catching handle made from natural and oxidized brass. Its flamboyant aesthetic may not be for everyone, but for those who want a little flavor in their life, it’s perfect.

Pros: A traditional pizza cutter with a bold aesthetic.

Cons: Head-turning handle won’t appeal to everyone.

Michael Aram Olive Branch Gold Pizza Cutter


Michael Aram Olive Branch Gold Pizza Cutter

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