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The Best Podcast Microphones for Recording Clear Audio

Become the next Sarah Koenig or Ira Glass with one of these four high-quality designs.

Uhuru podcast microphone Amazon

Podcasts gained momentum in the mid-2000s thanks to accessibility and intimate style. Professional broadcasters and novices alike have jumped aboard the podcasting train, creating shows that offer everything from news analysis to pop culture criticism and social commentary for all of us to listen to. Today, experts estimate there are more than 1 million active podcasts out there in the atmosphere. But if you’re interested in recording your own, you’ll need a top-shelf microphone.

Podcasting microphones are designed to capture rich and clear vocals without any distracting background noise. This means even if you’re a first-timer who’s recording solo, the right mic can help you sound your best. USB condenser mics are arguably the best for beginners as they capture voice clearly and connect straight to your laptop or computer, making plug-and-play recording a snap.

Below, we’ve curated some of the best podcast microphones available on Amazon to help you get into the podcasting game.

1. Bonke USB Condenser Podcast Microphone

Bonke’s condenser microphone is designed for podcasters who prefer to make adjustments on the fly. It features special turning knobs that allow you to adjust the volume and echo directly on the mic. This means you don’t even have to bother with any complex software to get better audio—you can just plug and play to start your first podcast. The microphone itself is fitted with a professional sound chipset and soundproof cotton to ensure your vocals are captured clearly. It also features a durable steel arm that can be maneuvered a full 360-degrees to match any type of working position.

Bonke USB Condenser Podcast Microphone


Bonke USB Condenser Podcast Microphone: $44.95

2. Uhuru USB Condenser Podcast Microphone

Designed for the most discerning of audio aficionados, Uhuru’s condenser microphone is fitted with the most advanced chipset on the market. It offers a sampling rate up to 192KHz/24bit, whereas most other mics rate only up to 48kHZ/24bit. This means it is able to capture clearer, smoother and flatter vocals. The mic’s cardioid pattern design enables it to effectively cancel background noise, while the double-pop filter and windscreen ensure you record clearer sound. For example, when saying “b, p or f” there is no jarring pop. It also features a sturdy steel scissor arm that can be adjusted to the height you need.

Uhuru podcast microphone


3. Maono USB Microphone Kit

There are times when you may need to pack up your microphone and conduct an interview on location. In situations like this, Maono’s kit is your best pick. It comes with a sturdy aluminum case that allows you to transport gear safely and easily. Like the Uhuru mic, this condenser microphone gives a sampling rate of up to 192KHz/24bit for crystal-clear recordings. This makes it perfect for voice recording. The simple plug-and-play design features a USB port that connects to most computers and mainstream operating systems, with no need for extra software or soundcards. This mic also sports a stand and shock mount to keep it still and minimize vibrations, plus a pop filter to eliminate popping sounds.

Maono Microphone


Maono USB Microphone Kit: $49.99

4. Fifine USB Condenser Podcast Microphone

Not all of us are going to become the next Joe Rogan or Ira Glass overnight. That’s why it’s best to start podcasting with a streamlined setup that won’t result in too many headaches. Perfect for the tech-averse, Fifine’s simple USB condenser mic can be set up quickly and easily with both Mac and Windows computers. It may not have a windscreen like the other models on our list, but the stereo microphone can still capture well-balanced vocals for podcasts, vlogs or live streams. It also has a volume dial on the mic itself, along with a quick mute function for direct sound control. The integrated desktop stand is made from die-cast zinc, while the mic features all-metal construction. This means this model is also plenty durable.

Fifine podcast microphone


Fifine USB Condenser Podcast Microphone: $39.99

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