The Best Poultry Scissors to Cut Through Any Bird

These specialized shears can handle everything from a tiny spatchcock to a 20-lb turkey.

Wusthof Stainless Poultry Shears Courtesy of Amazon

Poultry connoisseurs will attest that the best way to roast a bird is to spatchcock it first. Cutting out the backbone—while a little gruesome—guarantees a juicy breast, legs that are cooked all the way through and skin that’s perfectly crispy. Of course, deboning is not the easiest thing to do, especially if you haven’t got the right tool at hand.

That’s where poultry shears come in. A cut above your standard kitchen scissors, these clippers are designed to slice through bird carcasses both big and small, from the smallest of spatchcocks to the fattest of turkeys. Unfortunately, some of the shears on the market are about as useful as those plastic scissors your toddler has.

To make sure you get the best, we’ve plucked four pairs of poultry shears from Amazon that can handle all types of bird bones. With these scissors, you’ll be spatchcocking like a pro in no time.

1. Tansung Poultry Shears

Just like a Swiss Army Knife, this pair of poultry shears packs several tools into one seamless design. You can cut through bones in a cinch, chop up veggies, peel fruits, scrape fish scales and even open a beer. Crafted from the same stainless steel as most high-quality chef knives, the blade is not only supremely sharp but also resistant to rusting and corrosion. The heavy-duty shears have a large textured handgrip to keep your hand secure while cutting. Plus, you can detach the blade to clean thoroughly.

Tansung Poultry Shears


Tansung Poultry Shears: $19.99

2. J.A. Henckels Poultry Shears

Straightforward and practical, these poultry shears feature a tough-as-nails 3.5-inch serrated steel blade and a specially designed handle that will see you break down any bird with ease. The shears are spring-loaded so you get maximum slicing force with minimal effort. The locking mechanism is easy to engage and disengage (and doesn’t get in the way), so you can go to town on that chicken safely.

 J.A. Henckels Poultry Shears


J.A. Henckels Poultry Shears: $27.78

3. Silver Armadillo Poultry Shears

These all-steel poultry shears are stylish, versatile and super sharp. The ergonomic handle is suitable for left- and right-handed people and is slip-proof thanks to a “grasp and hold” design. But what really sets this pair of shears apart is the ingenious two-in-one blade design that allows you to complete two of the most essential tasks relating to poultry: snip and trim through skin and cleave through bone. They’re also extremely hygienic as there is no chance of bacteria sticking to the stainless steel.

Silver Armadillo Poultry Scissors


Silver Armadillo Poultry Shears: $22.87

4. Mercer Culinary Poultry Shears

Mercer Culinary’s poultry shears are the epitome of quality. Forged from high carbon steel, they are sturdy, stylish and will stand the test of time. Spanning 9.5 inches, the scissors feature a fine-toothed curved blade that slices through birds in a breeze. They also have textured handles that ensure a nice, secure grip. The spring-loaded mechanism, meanwhile, ensures your hands don’t fatigue too much while cutting. One small drawback is that you’ll have to handwash these shears.

Mercer Poultry Shears


Mercer Culinary Poultry Shears: $29.04

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