The Best Remote Control Robots for Your Kid’s Toy Chest

A futuristic toy for everyone.

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They’ve come in countless forms over the past few decades, but it seems the public just never grows tired of remote-controlled robots. Regardless of age, they inspire a unique fascination and are just plain fun to tinker with. And they come in countless iterations and as many price points.

When it comes to choosing the right version, there are so many factors to consider: general aesthetics, size, functionality and ease of use just to name a few. Other practical matters, like how long they can operate without recharging and how good their remotes operate are worth mulling over, too. Plus, it’s important to remember who’ll be using them ultimately, children or adults, which could make construction and durability a sticking point.

So you can make the best addition to your collection of electronic trinkets, we’ve rounded up our four favorite models of remote-controlled robots available on Amazon. But you’re sure to have fun whichever you pick.


1. Really RAD Robots MiBRO Remote Control Robot

Having a colorful robot to play with is a joy enough all on its own, but it’s even better when the sophisticated electronic gadget can pull double duty. This model is built with over 50 functions and sound effects to entertain and surprise. However, the tray that sits on top is a simple component that kicks its overall functionality up a notch. It allows you to shuttle refreshments back and forth without ever having to get up (ditto for small treats like cupcakes) and can even ferry your phone.

Really RAD Robots MiBRO Remote Control Robot

Courtesy of Amazon

Really RAD Robots MiBRO Remote Control Robot: $39.99

2. WolVol 10 Channel Remote Control Robot

With a look that seems right out of an adventure cartoon, this model is sure to thrill any user. Made from heavy-duty plastic for durability and longevity, it’s programmed with 10 different functions that allow it to move nimbly in just about any direction, dance and even fire missiles. Though our other picks have light-up elements, none of them have a display quite as colorful as this model’s. An array of music and other sound effects also ramp up the fun factor ensuring anyone who takes it for a spine will have trouble putting it down.

WolVol 10 Channel Remote Control Robot

Courtesy of Amazon

WolVol 10 Channel Remote Control Robot: $33.96

3. KingsDragon RC Robot

Remotes are great and all, but what if you could control something with the wave of a hand. Thanks to some seriously cool tech, that’s exactly what this robot allows you to do. While it does indeed come with a controller, its interactive design means that it also takes direction from certain movements, which is sure to excite children. And considering the target age for this gadget, you can feel comfortable giving it as a gift knowing that it’s made from ABS plastic which is not only more durable than most but also non-toxic and safe.

KingsDragon RC Robot

Courtesy of Amazon

KingsDragon RC Robot: $28.99

4. Sikaye RC Robot

Like some of our other top picks, this striking example has an aesthetic that seems ripped from a cartoon in the best way possible. Its blend of futuristic styling and intelligent engineering allows it to have one of the highest numbers of actions of any selection on our list—a full 50, including walking, dancing and playing 12 classic songs in addition to a host of other sound elements. It can be controlled between 3 and 5 meters away and can run for between 2 and 3 hours before requiring a recharge.

Sikaye RC Robot

Courtesy of Amazon

Sikaye RC Robot: $22.99

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