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The Best Remote Control Tanks for History-Loving Toy Collectors

Reenacting legendary battles has never been so realistic.

remote control tank amazon Courtesy of Amazon

For those who love military history and all the innovative gear that comes with it, there’s nothing quite like a rugged tank. Introduced during the first World War, tanks have managed to fascinate well beyond the battlefield ever since. Though perhaps not as powerful, remote-controlled scale models are still an engaging way to experience their brilliant design.

Made for both fun and display, these small incarnations of the genuine article all boast different attributes from highly detailed, realistic paint jobs to varying speeds and charging times. Plus, their remotes all have a slightly different interface with some being easier to employ than others, not to mention more responsive. Some also sport more articulated elements so movements more accurately reflect real life.

To add the very best remote-controlled tank to your collection, we’ve curated our top four favorites available on Amazon so you and any other enthusiasts can take one for a spin.

1. Cheerwing German Tiger I Panzer Tank

A heavily armored specimen, the original incarnation of this model’s design was crafted in Germany and was operated throughout Africa and Europe during WWII. Though not as large, this scale version captures its imposing proportions and camouflaged exterior. The turret sitting on top can rotate fully just like its point of inspiration while its nimble base allows it to go both forward and backward and take turns in any direction. Fully rechargeable, it can function for a full hour of playing time when its battery is at full power and can be topped up quickly via the remote.

Cheerwing German Tiger I Panzer Tank

Courtesy of Amazon

Cheerwing German Tiger I Panzer Tank: $24.98

2. Fisca Remote Control Tank

A fantastic gift for a child or military enthusiast, this model comes decked out with everything from a firing cannon to a turret that can rotate a full 180-degrees. Measuring 14 inches long by 7 inches wide, it has a substantial build that not only looks great but is also durable enough to enjoy many bouts of play. Thanks to its remote, it can be operated effectively from up to 150 feet away so there’s almost no limit to the mini adventures it can go on. But beyond appearances, it also has a potent electric power source that can propel it at up to three different speeds to suit your liking.

Fisca Remote Control Tank

Courtesy of Amazon

Fisca Remote Control Tank: $109.99

3. BlueFit German Tiger I Panzer Tank with

Like one of the other top picks on our list, this model is based on a World War I-era German machine that has been faithfully recreated and scaled-down. To remain as true to the original as possible, it has all the swiveling components it can handle, from the turret to the up and down motion of the firing cannon. While it can charge independently, its energy stores can also be topped up by the detailed controller, which can direct the piece to maneuver in any direction. Its powerful treads mean it can scale all sorts of mini obstacles to make using it that much more interesting.

BlueFit German Tiger I Panzer Tank with

Courtesy of Amazon

BlueFit German Tiger I Panzer Tank with: $23.99

4. EAHUMM RC WW2 German Tiger Army Tank

When it comes to our list, this model stands out for one chief reason: its design originates from World War II rather than World War I. For true history fans, that one factor could make it a worthy addition to their collection. It also stands out from the pack for its muted blue color palette that contrasts with the largely green examples seen elsewhere. Constructed from durable plastic, it is also among the larger picks on our list as the scaling down process wasn’t quite as extreme with this one.

EAHUMM RC WW2 German Tiger Army Tank

Courtesy of Amazon

EAHUMM RC WW2 German Tiger Army Tank: $49.99

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