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The 10 Best Rocks Glasses for Serious Whiskey Connoisseurs, From Nude to Baccarat

Not all cocktails are created equal, and neither are their tumblers.

best rocks glasses

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In recent years, whiskey aficionados have achieved the kind of stature more often associated with oenophiles. These spirits obsessives are as passionate about their favorite small-batch bourbons and special cask-finish scotches as wine lovers are about the best Napa Cabernets. And like their wine-sipping cousins, serious whiskey collectors understand that premium glassware can elevate the experience. Our favorite whiskey sippers are rocks or double-Old Fashioned glasses.

Rocks glasses have wide rims to allow room for the rocks, aka the ice. And if you’re partial to a slow-melting cube so too much water doesn’t dilute your dram, you’ll want to be sure one of those giant rounds of ice can fit into the glass. If you take your bourbon neat, the wide rim allows for the gentle and more delicious aromas to waft out. Narrower rims can concentrate the scent of alcohol, which can shift the whole experience of drinking a cask-strength beauty from delicious to downright unpleasant.

And if you’re going to buy new barware, make it worthy of your best bottles. That Macallan 18 needs something respectable: The 10 we’ve highlighted here should live up to it nicely.

Riedel Rocks Glass

Designed to be both functional and stylish, this rocks glass from Austrian glassmaker Riedel is built to accommodate larger blocks of ice, so any melt is gradual and doesn’t water down your special whiskey or favorite cocktail. The wider design comes courtesy of spirits specialist Zane Harris, who worked with Riedel to ensure versatility. This lovely glass allows you to take some of the experience of drinking at a craft cocktail bar into your home.

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Baccarat Nancy Tumbler Rocks Glass

If Macallan is a household name (especially in your house), it should meet the household name in the world of crystal: Baccarat. And a classic spirits calls for a classic look, especially when the glass will last a lifetime. This rocks glass from Baccarat delivers on that promise. Made in France, the Nancy Tumbler Rocks Glass offers a classic, elegant design that’s matched only by its quality crystal. The handsome cut design and weight of the glass feel as good as it looks in hand. While it’s an investment, if treated well, this glass could become a family heirloom—even if the Macallan is long gone.

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Waterford Lismore Rocks Glass Set

Waterford made a name for itself by producing incredible crystal products. And that reputation for quality is still behind its barware, like this set of four rocks glasses. Crafted in Europe, the elegant crystal glasses are elegant raise the art of sipping to one of luxury. Each of the four glasses is presented in a different Waterford pattern, which gives it a modern design twist.

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Orrefors Double Rocks Glasses

Orrefors is a Swedish label that’s been creating elegant glasses for more than a century. Every one of its pieces are finely crafted from a team of glassblowers, cutters and designers—all of whom contribute to styles that are equal parts modern and timeless. The sets from its Sofiero collection are especially noteworthy, featuring grid-chiseled surfaces that really add dimension. They are great conversation-starters.

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Richard Brendon Diamond Crystal Rocks Glass

Diamonds sparkle, refracting light in ways that draw the eye. This is exactly the vibe that Richard Brendon’s tumblers impart. The lower thirds of each glass feature a pattern of brilliants that bolsters both the visibility and tactility of the design. They are real gems.

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Nude Big Top Double Rocks Glass

Clean and streamlined are the characteristics that best describe Nude’s designs. It’s a brand that eschews ornate flourishes, instead focusing on sleek lines and shapes. “Nude” is certainly an apt name, and living up to this reputation is this set, made of lead-free crystal etched with a raised linear pattern. It’s playful without being too showy, which is what the company does best.

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Mofado Crystal Rocks Glass

Most rocks glasses have some decorative etching or ridge pattern, but not Mofado’s. The glassware brand has gone in the opposite direction, making their glasses perfect for those who value a minimalist aesthetic. Available in a set of two, the oversized glasses also have a nice heft to them, making them perfect for sipping your favorite Scotch, bourbon or whiskey-based cocktail.

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Viski European Crystal DOF Rocks Glass Set

The fastest way to liven up a cocktail is to put it in some Viski crystal. The brand is known for offering glasses that have a touch of quirk to them, each glass with a unique faceted design and precise lines for a truly distinct silhouette. The sleek ridges of the four-piece set also ensures the tumbler stays nice and secure in your hand even when slippery or wet.

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Dorset Crystal Triple Rocks Glass

If you want your glasses to really shine, Dorset is the name to know. The label offers a four-piece set, all made from lead-free crystal, that features hand-cut fluting. The way the pattern is designed will refract any glimmer by triple, giving your rocks glass the gleam it deserves. Speaking of triple, each glass can hold up to 15 ounces, which means you’re able to show off your cocktail for a much longer time.

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Godinger Dublin Double Rocks Glass Set

Since 1973, Godinger has been specializing in crystals. Over the decades, the brand has refined its techniques, creating quality glasses with eye-catching designs. Prime example is this four-piece set, which features long, faceted cuts in a starburst pattern that’ll really make your cocktail sparkle.

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