The Best Salt Blocks for Flavoring Grilled Meat, Veggies and More

You'd be surprised how versatile they are.

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Most people use salt in its crystallized form as it pours out of a shaker or cardboard box, but did you know you can use it to cook on, too? Well, if it’s in the right form. In many parts of the world, salt can be found naturally in large blocks and when those are cut neatly, they act as slabs that are both decorative and an ideal cooking surface.

One of the most inventive and satisfying uses for them is on the grill. Because salt can transfer and retain heat, it makes for a superb cooking surface, one that’s even better than its metal counterparts because it simultaneously imparts its savory flavor in the process. Plus, once you’re done cooking, remove it from the heat and place it on your table as an artful (and practical) centerpiece.

To take your grilling game to the next level, we’ve curated our top four picks available on Amazon.

1. POHS Himalayan Salt Block

Himalayan salt has been having a moment these past few years. Not only is its warm pink hue and natural marbling pleasing to the eye, but the minerals which impart its color also lend it a rich flavor. Combined, these things make it a great choice for a salt block. This model comes with a steel holder than can be used to transfer it from the fiery grill grates to your table with ease. But not only does this slab act as a great cooking surface, if you need to keep delicate, temperature-sensitive foods (like shrimp) cool, simply chill it beforehand and it acts as a large cold pack.

POHS Himalayan Salt Block

Courtesy of Amazon

POHS Himalayan Salt Block: $43.99

2. Charcoal Companion Himalayan Salt Plate & Holder Set

Sliced from 100 percent pure Himalayan salt, this set has a minimal look that fits right into modern kitchen decor. Measuring 12 inches x 8 inches x 1.5 inches, it has proportions substantial enough to cook whole sides of fish over your grill and will make for a magnificent presentation once you carry it by the slim handles to place on your table. Like the other examples on our list, not only does it heighten the flavor of whatever food is cooked on top of it, but it can also be chilled and used as the base for an elegant cold platter.  

Charcoal Companion Himalayan Salt Plate & Holder Set

Courtesy of Amazon

Charcoal Companion Himalayan Salt Plate & Holder…: $29.99

3. Grill Parts Zone American Fire Gas Himalayan Salt Plate

At 8 inches by 8 inches by 2 inches, this slab isn’t the roomiest on our list, but that has its own benefits. Being thicker than most, it can more gently cook delicate foods, like fish and shellfish, and the added height makes for an even more impressive presentation once you bring it to your table. Unlike some of the other picks on this list, it doesn’t come with handles for ease of transportation, but that doesn’t make it any less capable of preparing foods beautiful or helping keep them cool during an extended dinner party or another large gathering.

Grill Parts Zone American Fire Gas Himalayan Salt Plate

Courtesy of Amazon

Grill Parts Zone American Fire Gas Himalayan Salt…: $30.00

4. Caravel Gourmet Himalayan Salt Block

Hand-carved from the Khewra salt mines in the Himalayan Mountain range, this slab has a unique crystalline structure and has been rigorously tested for purity. This not only helps ensure the elimination of any potential off-flavors but helps avoid as much cracking and breakage as possible given its material. It’s also incredibly easy to care for—simply allow it to cool (if heated) and then a simple rinse with water and gentle scrub are all it needs to stay in top form. Try using yours as a chic sushi platter to wow dinner guests.

Caravel Gourmet Himalayan Salt Block

Courtesy of Amazon

Caravel Gourmet Himalayan Salt Block: $29.99

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