The Best Sauce Spoons for Plating Delicious-Looking Dishes at Home

From bechamel to caramel, these spoons have every sauce covered.

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Whether stirring up one of the French mother sauces—bechamel or hollandaise, for example—to top savory dishes or preparing a rich caramel for dessert, having all the right tools to prepare a sauce makes the job much easier. Besides the right pan, you also need the right spoon to stir and serve without requiring a switch between multiple utensils. A well-designed sauce spoon is the answer.

Proportioned to do all of the above, a sauce spoon usually has a handle long enough to reach into pots and pans without singeing your fingertips and comfortable enough to hold while you work. The well of its head is likewise roomy enough to manipulate a meaningful amount of velvety sauce while remaining slender enough to maneuver and pour it over food—with control.

While many may look the same at first glance, they can often perform quite differently. The tiniest details matter. So, to help guide you through, we’ve rounded up our four favorite models available on Amazon.

1. JB Prince Gray Kunz Sauce Spoon

JB Prince’s sauce spoon wins our praises for its brilliant simplicity. Measuring a total of 11.5 inches, this model has a gently sloped 8-inch handle for ease of handling and ample leverage for working with the richest sauces. The extra-large proportions of its well make this option ideal for pouring a meaningful amount of sauce over a completed dish.

Pros: Simple, fuss-free design.

Cons: Its proportions might not be comfortable for every cook.

JB Prince Gray Kunz Sauce Spoon

Courtesy of Amazon

JB Prince Gray Kunz Sauce Spoon: $17.49

2. IMEEA Sauce Drizzle Spoon

Ever wanted to pour chocolate sauce over a slice of cake or ice cream with perfect control? IMEEA’s drizzle spoon is made from hefty, mirror-polished stainless steel with a unique head featuring a nimble spout. Though it is still capable of stirring, its strength really lies in its ability to serve and complete a dish. What it lacks in versatility, it certainly makes up for in style.

Pros: It does an excellent job of pouring sauces with care.

Cons: This particular design might be too specialized for some.

IMEEA Sauce Drizzle Spoon

Courtesy of Amazon

IMEEA Sauce Drizzle Spoon: $11.90

3. Mercer Culinary Plating Spoon

Mercer Culinary’s plating spoon is expert at what its name suggests: putting the finishing touches on a completed plate of food. Measuring 9 inches in length, it is crafted from durable stainless steel but sports contrasting textures: the head is elegantly mirror-polished while the handle is matte. The texture along the handle enhances the grip, something aided by two ridged segments for maximum control while placing sauces just so.

Pros: It has one of the best values of any choice on our list.

Cons: The ridged handle might not be to every cook’s liking.

Mercer Culinary Plating Spoon

Courtesy of Amazon

Mercer Culinary Plating Spoon: $10.39

4. HSTYAIG Saucier Drizzle Spoon

Constructed from heavy stainless steel, HSTYAIG’s drizzle spoon has a polished finish and hefty handle ideal for pouring any sauce. Its spout is beautifully contoured to minimize spillage and achieve a controlled stream no matter the texture or viscosity. Though stylish enough to put on a set dinner table, it’s also easy to care for because it’s dishwasher safe. Use yours to slather turkey in thick gravy or for pouring glossy chocolate sauce over ice cream.

Pros: Provides a neat, controlled pour.

Cons: Its specialized shape isn’t as adept while actually cooking sauces.

HSTYAIG Saucier Drizzle Spoon

Courtesy of Amazon

HSTYAIG Saucier Drizzle Spoon: $12.99

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