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The Best Sherry Glasses for Drinking Your After-Dinner Digestif

This elegant stemware allows the tipple to fully express itself.

Rastal Sherry Glasses Amazon

Sherry oft gets a bad rap. For many, its very name conjures up images of a dark and sweet elixir which is exclusively sipped by old people at Christmas. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The versatile fortified wine, which hails from Spain’s oldest wine-producing region, can actually be enjoyed as both an aperitif or after-dinner drink by people of all ages. In fact, Sherry has soared in popularity in recent years thanks to the hipster generation.

If you want to get into drinking the tipple, you’ll need to invest in some top-notch sherry glasses. Also known as the copita glass, the sherry glass is sort of like a miniature white wine glass. It has a small bowl and narrow mouth to help trap the complex aromas of the dry, nutty wine. It also features a long stem which stops your hands from heating the drink. Here, we’ve selected four of the finest examples on Amazon to get you into the sherry spirit.

1. Neman Crystal Sherry Glasses

How do you make crystal stemware even more luxurious? With 24K gold, of course. Neman’s sherry glasses feature intricate faceted cuts like the vintage designs of yesteryear and are topped off with a striking gold rim. Handcrafted using complex cutting and glassblowing techniques, each glass has exceptional brilliance and will bring a little sparkle to any setting. Measuring 5.75 inches tall and 2 inches wide, the glasses feature ornate stems with three crystal spheres that feel great in your hand. They’re capable of holding 2 ounces each, which is just the right amount of sherry.

Neman Crystal Sherry Glasses


Neman Crystal Sherry Glasses:

2. Stolzle Lead-Free Crystal Sherry Glasses

Stolzle’s sherry glasses have a traditional tulip shape that is not only elegant but helpful, too. The tapered rim is designed specifically to bring out the best flavors and smells from your sherry. Basically, it channels all those wonderful aromas directly up to your nose. Made from the finest lead-free crystal, each glass measures 6.75 inches tall by 2.25 inches wide and can hold up to 3.5 ounces. In addition to sherries, the six-piece set is also great for port, fernet and schnapps. Pick your poison, gents.

Stolzle Lead-Free Crystal Sherry Glasses


Stolzle Lead-Free Crystal Sherry Glasses: $59.99

3. Rastal Harmony Sherry Glasses

With its six-piece set, Rastal eschewed intricate cuts and fancy rims in favor of simplicity. This means the sleek glasses will fit in nicely with your existing stemware collection. Complete with a long stem and diamond-shaped bowl, the glasses can hold a lofty 4 ounces each. This makes them the largest on our list and perfect for spirit tastings. Crafted from premium lead-free crystal, each glass has outstanding resistance to breakage and offers excellent clarity. They are also dishwasher safe, so clean up after cocktail hour is no big ordeal.

Rastal Harmony Sherry Glasses


Rastal Harmony Sherry Glasses: $58.35

4. Royal Scot Crystal Sherry Glasses

For the distinguished sippers, Royal Scot’s two-piece set is as regal as they come. Inspired by the Highlands of Scotland, the sherry glasses feature a classic hand-cut design of fans and diamonds that is sure to appeal to traditionalists. Measuring roughly 4 inches tall, each glass has a 3.5-ounce capacity, along with a narrow mouth to help concentrate the sherry’s rich aromatics with every sip. Furthermore, the duo comes housed in a midnight blue satin-lined box and makes an excellent gift for fellow sherry lovers. This pair is near impossible to fault.

Royal Scot Crystal Sherry Glasses


Royal Scot Crystal Sherry Glasses:

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