The Best Shirt Hangers for Men Who Actually Like Their Shirts

If you care about your shirts, you should hang them on something worthy of your respect.

The Best Shirt Hangers to Buy on Amazon Amazon

If you have a selection of shirts you love in your closet, you should store them on hangers that are worthy of them—and, to be clear, that means you should put as much thought into acquiring them as you did on the shirts themselves. Investing in upgraded shirt hangers is a fast and easy way to extend the life of your clothing by ensuring your shirts, you know, actually hang correctly.

Simple swaps, like opting for a hanger constructed from fabric-covered plastic or wood, can actually extend the life of your clothing considerably. If you use a material that actually grips the fabric of a shirt, you’ll prevent them from slipping off and getting crushed on the floor of your closet. And having sufficiently wide hangers will keep your shoulders supported and can help the rest of your shirt stay smooth and free of wrinkles.

Here, you’ll find four shirt hanger picks that will instantly elevate your closet. Your clothes will thank you.

1. TechZoo Premium Quality Velvet Hanger

If you’re looking to swap out all of your old hangers for something more supportive and, well, nicer, one or two sets of these velvet hangers from TechZoo is your best bet. The ultra-soft velvet will make sure your freshly laundered clothes don’t slip off the hanger when you’re adjusting items in your closet. Their resilient construction can bend, but won’t break easily, which means they can handle the daily stress of sliding back and forth along a rack. Plus, you get 50 hangers in a pack, so you can re-hang a pretty wide swath of your closet all at once.

Pros: Great construction and even better grip, plus each hanger can hold up to 10 pounds.

Cons: The material may give off lint at first.


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TechZoo Premium Quality Velvet Hanger: $31.99

2. Closet Complete Premium Quality Velvet Hangers

Closet Complete’s set of velvet hangers pride themselves on their superior construction, which means you won’t have to worry about one snapping if you pull on it a little too hard. (Translation: if you get a little frantic when you’re running late in the morning, these are for you.) To achieve their heft, they use more plastic than some other hangers, but not so much that they don’t retain their space-saving slim design. The hooks also rotate easily, making organization—and identifying which blue-and-white checked shirt you’re looking at—a breeze.

Pros: Super strong and durable construction means no worries about them falling apart.

Cons: The lack of a crossbar limits you to just shirts.

Closet Complete 50 Piece Velvet Hangers Set

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Closet Complete Premium Quality Velvet Hangers: $19.70

3. Topline Classic Wood Shirt Hangers

If velvet hangers don’t suit your preferences or your decor, this set of wood hangers from Topline Classic is a great alternative. With their solid construction and mahogany finish, each one is wide enough to cradle the all-important shoulder seams of your favorite shirts. You won’t have to worry about clothes slipping off the hangers either, as the notched ends help to keep the fabric from slipping off.

Pros: A great look, available in a variety of wood finishes.

Cons: They take up more space than slimmer options, meaning you can store less in your closet.

Topline Classic 20 Piece Wood Shirt Hangers

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Topline Classic Wood Shirt Hangers: $26.99

4. Utopia Home Premium Non Slip Velvet Hangers

This set of 30 velvet hangers from Utopia Home makes for a quick and easy upgrade if you’re currently using a pastiche of wire hangers from the dry cleaner. Like other velvet hangers, their traction makes it difficult for shirts to slide off, which is reinforced by a slight notch near the shoulders. They’ve even got a horizontal crossbar if you’re interested in hanging trousers on them, or if you need a lightweight way to transport a suit inside a garment bag.

Pros: Great value.

Cons: A little more flimsy than other velvet hangers.

Utopia Home 30 Piece Velvet Shirt Hangers Set

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Utopia Home Premium Non Slip Velvet Hangers: $20.99

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