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The Best Shot Glasses for Toasts, Celebrations and More

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The Best Shot Glasses on Amazon Amazon

It’s always nice to unwind and slowly savor an alcoholic beverage, but sometimes you just want to drink whatever it is you’re having as quickly as possible. And on these occasions—whether you’re toasting good fortune, celebrating a special occasion or just looking to have a good time—you’re going to want a shot glass. That’s why they’re a must for any bar, even the one you have at home.

The shot glass’s name is about as descriptive as they come. That’s because each shot glass holds one serving of liquor—normally between one and two ounces—making it all the easier to shoot down it one gulp. Because of that, when it comes to picking your shot glass, your choice mainly comes down shape versus decoration. Shot glasses may be about as utilitarian as barware comes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a set that look nice as well.

If you don’t have dedicated shot glasses, or just need to upgrade the ones you already have, here are four of the best currently available on Amazon.

1. Godinger Dublin Shot Glasses

Special occasions call for special drinks and glasses. And Godinger’s set of six shot glasses is perfect for these moments. Each piece of glassware features a subtle upwards flare and a tasteful snowflake pattern carved into the lower half. They’re made from leaded crystal, though, so you’ll want to wash and handle every glass with care.

Godinger Dublin Shot Glasses


Godinger Dublin Shot Glasses: $19.99

2. JoyJolt Carre Shot Glass Set

When you think of a shot glass, you probably thing of a small circular glass. But that doesn’t always have to be the case. JoyJolt’s set features four squared-off glasses (though the corners are rounded) that are sure to win over even the staunchest traditionalist. Despite their angular design, each glass holds the desired amount of whiskey or tequila, and has a heavy base that makes them harder to knock over.

JoyJolt Carre Shot Glass Set


JoyJolt Carre Shot Glass Set: $28.95

3. Icing on the Cake Artisanal Tequila Shot Glasses

Icing on the Cake’s glasses are perfect for the drinker who wants a shot of color to go with their shot of tequila. Each of the brand’s tall and slender glasses features a colorful, hand-blown glass decoration at the bottom. While it does give these otherwise streamlined glasses some real personality, it also means that you’ll have to watch each of them by hand, just to be safe.

Icing on the Cake Artisanal Tequila Shot Glasses


Icing on the Cake Artisanal Tequila Shot Glasses: $29.00

4. Neman Cut Crystal Shot Glasses

Neman Glassworks’s ornate shot glasses look like something a tsar would’ve chosen for vodka. Made in Belarus, each of the brand’s crystal vessels features an intricate, cross-hatched snowflake design. While it may look a tad fussy to some, those who can appreciate this touch of intricacy will be won over. And despite, their extravagant looks, each of the six shot glasses are sturdy enough to withstand frequent usage.

Neman Cut Crystal Shot Glasses


Neman Cut Crystal Shot Glasses: $45.99

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