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The Best Silicone Brushes for Basting Your Culinary Creations

Use these tools to bring out your finest cooking artistry.

silicone brushes Courtesy of Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Not just a tool for the artist’s studio, brushes are essential in the kitchen as well. Seems unlikely, right? Well, they’re more useful than you might expect––and the number of applications they’re suited for is vast.

From dabbing egg wash onto an unbaked pie crust to help it achieve a deep golden brown color to dousing a rack of ribs with your best homemade barbecue sauce, a brush is your best bet. But don’t pick just any brush: we particularly love the silicone variety. Durable and flexible yet resistant to staining and odor retention, silicone offers a superior user and cleaning experience. Plus, they tend to come in a variety of colors to suit any cook’s preference.

However, some models are too flimsy with bristles that barely seem to dust over food while others are too stiff and run the risk of tearing more delicate pastries. To find the best one for you, take a look at the list of our top four picks available on Amazon.

1. RWM Basting Brush Set

Constructed with slender stainless steel handles, RWM’s brushes are nimble tools that are a pleasure to cook with. This set comes with two brushes of different lengths so you can choose the right one for a particular cooking job. Take advantage of the long version to brush sauce on grilled chicken while keeping your hands at maximum distance from the flame; use the shorter one to dab seasoned olive oil on crisp bread. Two alternate heads in red silicone can be swapped in for a cook’s given color preference, but can also be used to help prevent cross-contamination.

Pros: Red alternative brush heads make it easy to swap in and out depending on the dish being prepared.

Cons: The brush heads might be too large for some more delicate kitchen tasks.

RWM Basting Brush

Courtesy of Amazon

RWM Basting Brush Set: $12.99

2. WALFOS Silicone Basting Brush Set

Most of us have limited storage space in our kitchens so multi-functional tools are always welcome. WALFOS’ brushes fit the bill. Whether you’re dabbling a fruit glaze on a decadent dessert or an herb marinade over sizzling steaks, these two can do it all. Like other sets on our list, this one includes two different sizes for particular jobs or cooks of varying reach. Capable of withstanding temperatures up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit, this one-piece design has an entirely silicone exterior that helps it stay cool even when cooking at very high temperatures.

Pros: An allover silicone design means that the handle will stay cool.

Cons: This set doesn’t come with alternate brush heads.

WALFOS Silicone Basting Brush Set

Courtesy of Amazon

3. ZYLISS Basting Brush

The detachable head on ZYLISS’ silicone brush is even more well-engineered than it first appears. Designed with angled bristles, it also features a hidden central mesh panel that’s especially adept at picking up generous amounts of sauce or glaze. Heat resistant all the way up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, it has one of the highest temperature thresholds of any brush on our list and boasts a comfort-grip handle that allows for use without fatigue. If you’ve been working with sticky substances, simply remove the brush head entirely for easy cleaning.

Pros: Its thicker handle makes for a comfortable grip.

Cons: This model doesn’t come in a pair like some of the other examples on our list.

ZYLISS Basting Brush

Courtesy of Amazon

ZYLISS Basting Brush: $12.21

4. GRILLHOGS Sauce Basting Brush Set

If you ever needed a pair of silicone brushes fit for your toughest grilling jobs, this is it. Constructed with sturdy stainless steel handles (that are also a breeze to clean), this set also has nimble brush heads capable of picking up the thinnest glaze and the thickest sauce with equal acuity. That means you can dab a vinegary barbecue sauce on brisket as well as you can a thick molasses-based sauce onto hearty chicken thighs. Both the 12-inch model and the smaller 7.5-inch model come with hanging hooks for a convenient storage option.

Pros: Stainless steel handles make for easy cleanup.

Cons: The ring hook design might not be necessary for every kitchen storage setup.

GRILLHOGS Sauce Basting Brush

Courtesy of Amazon

GRILLHOGS Sauce Basting Brush Set: $12.00

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