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The Best Waterproof Tents for Camping With Friends and Family

Four sizable and stylish tents with enough room for your friends, family or both.

The Best Six-Person, Water-Proof Tents on Amazon Amazon

If you’re someone who likes to camp, you know the value of a good tent. But if you’re camping with others, be it friends or family, you’re going to want one with a little room. And few tents are more versatile than one that fits six.

Whether you’re traveling with some pals from college or your partner and kids, a six-person tent is going to fit most people’s needs. It’s a medium-sized tent that ensures everyone has plenty of space if you’re traveling with five or fewer, but also that there’s enough room for everyone if there are six. From there, you’ll want to select your tent the way you would a smaller model, considering design, ease-of-use, and, perhaps most important of all, whether it’s water-proof or not. After all, the last thing you’ll want is to wake up in a puddle, especially in the early spring or late fall.

If you’re the outdoors type, looking for a tent that can comfortably shelter different sized groups, you’ll definitely want to think about investing in a six-person model. Here are some of the best currently available on Amazon.

1. QOMOTOP 60 Seconds Set-Up Camping Tent

The biggest hassle to using a tent might be setting one up. That’s not the case with QOMOTOP’s model though. The brand’s tent is specially designed so that you can set it up, all by yourself, in a minute’s time. That’s right, 60 seconds. But there’s more to it than that, it’s spacious and well ventilated so that it never gets stuffy. It also features an electrical cord port that doubles as a storage space. Furthermore, it’s got a weather-proof exterior making it perfect for use at nearly any time of year.

QOMOTOP 60 Seconds Set-Up Camping Tent


2. Coleman WeatherMaster Six-Person Tent

Coleman’s tent is designed for more than just sleeping. It features a separate screen room measuring 9 feet by 6 feet where you and your fellow campers can relax sans any annoying insects. When it is time for sleeping, though, the spacious interior can comfortably sleep six and has enough room for two queen-size airbeds. The tent is equipped with a WeatherTec system that includes waterproof floors and protected inverted seams to keep you nice and dry. It also sports a sturdy frame that can hold up against strong winds, so you can camp in pretty much any condition.

Coleman Tent


Coleman WeatherMaster Six-Person Tent: $248.99

3. Moon Lence Six-Person Tent

From a distance, Moon Lence’s tent looks just like one made for two. But get closer and you realize it’s actually big enough for six. The brand has taken the standard pop-up style and enlarged it so that there’s room for more people. But space is not this tent’s only virtue. It’s also lightweight, easy to set up and break down to pack in its accompanying bag. On top of that, it features a durable exterior that can withstand both water and UV rays alike.

Moon Lence Six-Person Tent


Moon Lence Six-Person Tent: $69.99

4. Kazoo Family Camping Tent

Tents are not usually fashionable. That’s because keeping you warm and covered is more important than looking good. But Kazoo’s waterproof tent, with its classic, boxy military design, manages to do all three. The brand’s offering is also extremely spacious and features a large porch area that gives you plenty of coverage even when you’re outside. Finally, it’s easy to set up, opening up just like an umbrella, according to the brand.

Kazoo Family Camping Tent


Kazoo Family Camping Tent: $189.90

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