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The Best Small Trash Can for Your Bathroom

Add a touch of class to the most unglamorous of tasks.

Simplehuman Butterfly Lid Trash Can Amazon

The humble trash can has been around since the late 1800s—and it’s changed considerably over the course of two centuries. Various innovations have made the household staple more practical, sturdy and discreet, but designers are still figuring out new ways to refine it.

Nowadays, you can get all manner of elegant receptacles that are not only functional but beautiful and durable, too. That’s because, contrary to what gets thrown in them, trash cans are intended to be a lasting addition to the home. Therefore, it’s worth investing in a high-quality design.

When it comes to smaller spaces, like the bathroom, it’s best to opt for a smaller trash can that is adept at fitting into tight spaces. It’s also worthwhile picking one that has a foot pedal or automatic lid, so using it is both effortless and hygienic. Of course, it should look good, too.

Here, we’ve curated four of the best small trash cans that will add a touch of class to the most unglamorous of tasks.

1. iTouchless 2.5 Gallon Bathroom Touchless Trash Can

Perfect for the germophobes in the mix, the iTouchless trash can features a sensor-operated lid which means absolutely no touching is required. Simply wave your hand in front of the motion sensor and the lid will open automatically. It’s both super easy and hygienic. The 2.5-gallon trash can features a durable stainless steel body and matching plastic lid that is fingerprint-resistant and easy to clean. Furthermore, it’s fitted with an odor filter and lemon-scented fragrance cartridge that together offer complete odor control. Your bathroom will never look or smell better.

iTouchless Touchless Trash Can


iTouchless 2.5 Gallon Bathroom Touchless Trash Can: $35.74

2. Simplehuman 2.6 Gallon Step Trash Can

Simplehuman is known for its quality trash cans and this 2.6-gallon design is no exception. It features a nifty butterfly lid that opens from the center. This means it has low lid clearance and can easily squeeze into tight spaces, like under a vanity. The lid also uses special patented technology to ensure it closes both slowly and silently. Forget about those loud bangs. The hardwearing steel pedal, meanwhile, is engineered to last 150,000 steps which means you can use the trash can 20 times a day for up to 20 years. You can also opt for a dark bronze stainless steel finish, which not only resists smudges but looks great, too.

Simplehuman Butterfly Lid Trash Can


Simplehuman 2.6 Gallon Step Trash Can: $69.99

3. Mingol Bathroom Trash Can with Lid

For homeowners with discerning taste, Mingol’s trash can is arguably the most stylish on this list. The 1.3-gallon design exudes a vintage, retro style that will suit more classic homes. It’s a great size for the bathroom or laundry and features a removable inner bucket for easy daily trash disposal. It’s also fitted with a noise-free lid that closes in a slow and silent fashion to avoid any startling bangs. The glossy polished exterior is available in an array of pastel hues and is also highly durable and a cinch to clean.

Mingol Bathroom Trash Can


Mingol Bathroom Trash Can with Lid: $30.99

4. MDesign Round Metal Small Trash Can

There’s nothing wrong with keeping things simple. Take, for instance, MDesign’s no-frills trash can. It does away with pedals and lids for a straightforward design. The round open-top trash can is not only a pleasure to use, but it’s also extremely versatile and can suit many different spaces. It can even double as a planter if you line the base with something waterproof. The trash can is forged from durable stainless steel that is both rust-resistant and easy to clean. It also comes in a spate of different colors should you find the classic steel a little too boring.

mDesign Round Metal Small Trash Can


MDesign Round Metal Small Trash Can: $22.49

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