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The Best Smartphone Camera Accessories for Getting Professional Photos

All the add-ons that will help you shoot photos like a pro.

The Best Smartphone Camera Accessories on Amazon Amazon

Your smartphone is for more than just calling and texting people. It’s also one of the best pocket-sized cameras on the market. And there is a slew of accessories that can make it even better.

First things first, the base camera and on whichever mobile device you favor—be it the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel—is a powerful and versatile photography tool that’s game for any kind of non-professional shooting you may want to do. But with the right accessories, you can get even more out of your phone’s camera, even if you just use it to take selfies. From lenses to tripods to lighting equipment, there’s all manner of add-ons that will help give your next Instagram post a little more pizzazz.

If you’re serious about your smartphone photography game, there are definitely some camera accessories you’ll want to look into investing in. Here are some of the best currently available on Amazon.

1. Mocalaca 11-in-1 Phone Camera Lens Kit

How many lenses do photographers need? That will differ depending on who you talk to, but this kit of 11 lenses should have the right choice for whatever kind of picture you want to take. Each lens is made of high-quality glass and clips onto the front or back of your phone. The set is compatible with Apple, Samsung and Google phones. And don’t worry about misplacing one of the lenses as the kit includes a carrying case with room for each.

Mocalaca 11-in-1 Phone Camera Lens Kit


Mocalaca 11-in-1 Phone Camera Lens Kit: $23.99

2. FocusFoto Smartphone Video Rig

Smartphone cameras aren’t just for still photography. They can also shoot good video, too—just ask any vlogger. Snap your phone into this rig—which includes a stabilizing bracket, an LED light video light and a plug-and-play microphone—and you’re ready to start shooting. Not all of us want to document our day-to-day world for others, but if you do, this rig is for you.

FocusFoto Smartphone Video Rig


FocusFoto Smartphone Video Rig: $58.99

3. MercuryGo Selfie Ring Light

Ask any selfie taker and they’ll tell you that one of the keys to the perfect shot of yourself is good lighting. This simple snap-on ring will make sure you never have to worry about lighting again, no matter where you are. It also has different warmth settings so you can shake things up, making sure that not all your selfies look the same. Even better, it doesn’t just work on your phone: you can attach it to your laptop webcam, too.

MercuryGo Selfie Ring Light


MercuryGo Selfie Ring Light:

4. CoPedvic Phone Camera Lens Kit

If there is a big failing about smartphone cameras, it’s their ability to zoom. Emulated digital zoom will do the trick, but often results in overly grainy images. CoPedvic’s lens kit includes a telephoto lens that can allow you to zoom without the loss of image clarity. That in itself is reason enough to like this set of four lenses, but we like the added bonus of the included tripod, which will help you get a steady shot every time.

CoPedvic Phone Camera Lens Kit


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