The Best Smokeless Fire Pits for Your Backyard and Beyond

Enjoy sitting around the fire without coming away smelling like smoke.

The Best Smokeless Fire Pits on Amazon Amazon

Regardless of the weather, there are few more pleasant ways to end your day than gathered around a fire with your friends and loved ones. It’s one of the few activities that holds the same appeal for us today as it did for our ancestors.

Of course, the fires we’re sitting around now are a bit different from those centuries ago. Technology’s to thank for that. The main innovation we have to credit with making a fire nicer? The smokeless fire pit. Thanks to lightweight materials and modern construction techniques, the fire pits of today allow you to bring the beach bonfire to your own backyard, without all that pesky smoke.

Iif you’ve got a backyard and love the look and smell of a roaring fire, now’s the time to start taking advantage of it. Here are four fire pits to consider.

1. Breeo Double Flame Smokeless Fire Pit

With a large diameter of 24 inches, Breeo’s Double Flame will let you build a fire that really roars. Made from durable, heavy-duty 304 stainless steel that will last for years, the unit features a high-efficiency reburn system that keeps the fire going below while double walls draw in air and burn off smoke at the top, creating a smokeless fire that won’t burn your eyes. If all that weren’t enough, you can even use the Double Flame to cook—something that can’t be said of all fire pits—thanks to Breeo’s add-on outpost grilling system.

Pros: Its 24-inch diameter will allow you to build a serious fire.

Cons: The company’s outpost grilling system is sold separately.

Breeo Double Flame Smokeless Fire Pit

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Breeo Double Flame Smokeless Fire Pit

2. Hi-Flame Bonfire Fire Pit

The appeal of a smokeless fire pit is that it allows you to enjoy the joys of a fire in your own backyard, but Hi-Flame’s Bonfire Stove takes that one step further. Weighing in at just 42 lbs. despite being built from tough stainless steel, the company’s unit was designed with portability in mind, so any time you want to sit around the fire and trade ghost stories or join in on sing-a-long, you can. Its low-smoke design, lid and bottom stand also help ensure that each fire, whether you’re at home, the park, the campground or the beach, is a safe one.

Pros: The lightweight design will let you take the fire with you wherever you go.

Cons: While most of it will burn off, you’ll still have to deal with some smoke.

Hi-Flame Bonfire Fire Pit

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Hi-Flame Bonfire Fire Pit

3. Esright Bonfire Fire Pit

Esright is particularly dedicated to the idea of a smoke-free fire. Its 21.5-inch stainless-steel fire pit is designed to keep smoke to an absolute minimum. It features an innovative secondary combustion system—including 35 vent holes along the top, and four vents down below—that keeps the fire going, while also burning away the overwhelming majority of smoke. It also features double-layer sidewalls that help reduce the risk of accidental burning, should you come in contact with the unit while the fire is still going.

Pros: Keeps smoke to the absolute bare minimum.

Cons: Its functional aesthetic won’t win anyone over.

Esright Bonfire Fire Pit

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Esright Bonfire Fire Pit: $214.99

4. Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit

Boldly referred to as the “world’s most unique fire pit,” Solo Stove’s Bonfire combines a chic minimalist design with ultra-efficient functionality. Want a fire that will last you 10 hours? The Bonfire has you covered, thanks to its double-wall design and array of well-placed vents and holes. These combine to ensure a complete and clean burn with little to no smoke. Measuring just 19.5 inches in diameter, it also comes with its own bag, so you can bring it along with you on your next camping trip.

Pros: Will keep your fire burning well into the night.

Cons: Small size means that fire won’t be the biggest.

Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit

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Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit: $299.99

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