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The Best Smoking Guns for Giving Food and Drinks That Wood-Fired Flavor

Use these high-tech kitchen tools to give any culinary creation extra flavor (and drama).

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The merger of technology and food has led to entirely new dishes and presentations centered around one of the most primordial ingredients: smoke. Think about it. Slick new bars now sling Manhattans with a smoky mist clinging to the glass, while white-tablecloth restaurants serve fancy fare enveloped in the stuff. It’s easier than ever to achieve those results at home with a smoking gun.

The best of these small, nimble tools allow you to get those same impressive effects (and flavors) into just about any dish or tipple. It might seem extraneous at first glance, but it actually provides so much flexibility. For example, the lack of a grill will never again prevent you from making ribs with that unmistakable wood-fired flavor.

Smoking guns tend to be an investment, so you want to ensure you pick the right model. That’s why we’ve taken the time to round up four humdingers currently on the market.

Breville Polyscience Smoking Gun

As good as anything the pros use, Breville’s smoking gun has an elegant anodized aluminum smoking chamber that produces cold smoke suitable for any food or drink. Able to smoke everything from fine wood chips to teas, it creates countless options for flavoring food. It can also penetrate especially well thanks to a powerful fan. Plus, a stand means that you can give your hands a break as you go about cooking. Try filling a shaker with smoke before mixing to impart a distinct flavor worthy of the best cocktail lounge.

Buy Now on Amazon: $154

Crafthouse by Fortessa Glass Smoking Cloche with Smoke Infusing Gun

Hats are a great way to retain heat. The same could be said of a cloche, specifically a glass one, which will encase whatever you want smoked, bolstering flavors like none other. This one by Crafthouse By Fortessa—complete with a handheld smoker and smoking chips—is favored by pros (especially bartender Charles Joly) for its ability to really infuse cocktails, cheeses and more with rich aromas and texture. Plus, the sleek dome and walnut base are great for presentation.

Buy Now on Sur la Table: $240

Sigval Smoking Cube and Smoker Gun

Sigval has an item that really brings the wow factor. The infuser itself is sleek and designed to be handled with absolutely no fuss. The pièce de résistance, however, is the eye-catching glass case and magnetic bamboo serving tray. Not only will the unique cloche seal all the smokey flavors into whatever you put inside it, but the whole look will undoubtedly impress any guest at a party.

Buy Now on Amazon: $150

Mitbak Portable Smoking Gun

Want to create intense barbecue flavor without igniting the fire pit? Let Mitbak’s device do the work in seconds. Complete with a clear dome that allows the smoke to penetrate more deeply, it also comes with wood chips and three different speed settings. Featuring a cordless design, it runs on a long-lasting lithium-ion battery that quickly recharges so you can take this tool around your kitchen without having to plug it in over and over again. Simply ignite whatever material is in the hopper to get cooking.

Buy Now on Amazon: $90

Gramercy Kitchen Co. Smoking Gun

Gramercy Kitchen Co. has thought of it all with its elegant handheld option. In addition to the smoking gun itself, you’ll receive wood chips and everything else you need to start smoking your foods. Oh, and all of the extra accouterments can be kept in the accompanying black velvet storage bag. The portable battery-powered device sports a long, flexible hose that can disperse smoke into stemware or under a dome within 30 seconds or so. This means you’ll be infusing cocktails and dishes in no time.

Buy Now on Amazon: $60

Homia Smoking Gun

Homia’s smoking gun has everything a serious foodie could need—from a glass dome to a smoking ball to a cleaning brush. Its large smoking hopper easily stores the wood chips of your choice and five extra mesh sets make it easy to replace parts once they’ve worn through. Use this model to give a juicy T-bone a boost of flavor or take the specially designed flat lid to infuse smoke over your favorite cocktail.

Buy Now on Amazon: $89

Costway Portable Smoking Gun

Smoking guns don’t necessarily have to break the bank. Case in point: this Costway infuser which comes with vacuum bags and an assortment of wood chips. Its features include three adjustable levels (slow, normal and fast), LED indicator lights and an ergonomic handle. The one caveat, as the brand points out, is that you would need to smoke something twice to get a deeper flavor. But if a subtle aroma is what you’re after, this will do the trick. 

Buy Now on Amazon: $40

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