The Best Snifters for Brandy, Cognac and More

Four snifters for savoring spirits.

The Best Snifter Glasses on Amazon Amazon

Just like it can feel like there’s a cooking instrument for every type of food or dish, there seems to be a dedicated glass for every kind of spirit and cocktail. And if you’re a fan of brandy or cognac, the glass for you is the snifter.

Snifters offer a potent reminder that drinking spirits is about more than just presentation (though they offer that as well). It’s a glass that features a short stem and large bowl that narrows from bottom to top. This unique shape helps trap the vapors of the spirit (or sometimes even a craft beer) you’re drinking as they evaporate due to the warmth of your hand as you cup the glass. Because of this, you’re able to enjoy both the taste and aroma of your liquor of choice.

If you’re a fan of aged brown spirits and want to increase your enjoyment of them, the time is right to invest in a set of snifters. Here are four of the very best on Amazon.

1. Riedel Vinum Cognac

Riedel is known for top quality glassware with striking designs, and its snifter is no different. The brand’s cognac glass is more bulbous than other options on this list, which gives it more personality. But it doesn’t just look nice—it’s also made from leaded crystal that will feel substantial in your hand and that can survive a run through the dishwasher. Standing six inches tall, and able to hold nearly 30 ounces of liquid, this is the perfect vessel for spirit lovers who fancy a big pour, too.

Riedel Vinum Cognac


Riedel Vinum Cognac: $44.25

2. Season STORY Snifter Glass Set

There’s nothing subtle about Season STORY’s glasses. These snifters want you to know exactly what they are. While other choices on this list rely on subtle curves, this brand’s glasses have an almost angular shape and a smaller opening. This may seem like be a bit much to some, but it doesn’t stop the glass from trapping vapors before they’ve fully evaporated. In fact, this is just the right glass to convince more casual spirit drinkers that a snifter is necessary.

Season STORY Snifter Glass Set


Season STORY Snifter Glass Set: $39.90

3. Viski Brandy Glasses

Viski’s brandy glasses are about as elegant as they come. Their simple design strikes the perfect balance between a wine glass and a more angular snifter. The round bottom of the bowl will fit perfectly in any drinker’s hand, while the opening at the top is just the right size. Each glass is made from lead-free crystal that can survive the occasional knock, and, while 17 ounces makes them smaller than most snifters on this list, the classic design more than makes up for it.

Viski Brandy Glasses


Viski Brandy Glasses

4. Luxbe Snifter Glass Set

Luxbe’s snifter glasses don’t draw attention to themselves. But that doesn’t mean these glasses should be an afterthought. In fact, these snifters, with their subtle modern design and decent capacity (they can hold 24.5 ounces), are everything you could want. They’re lead-free and strong enough to be run through the dishwasher, and, unlike the other glasses on this list, which all come in pairs, Luxbe’s set features four glasses, making them the perfect pick for someone who likes to play host.

Luxbe Snifter Glass Set


Luxbe Snifter Glass Set: $39.99

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