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The Best Spaghetti Spoons for Scooping Pasta the Right Way

These four deluxe pasta utensils will make serving up spaghetti dishes a cinch.

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Pasta is a culinary staple for everyone. Unless you’re looking to cut carbs, you’ll likely be chowing down on some kind of pasta in the near future. And one of easiest kinds of pasta to cook is spaghetti. But while simple to make, spaghetti can be tricky to serve and to eat, as the noodles can be slippery. That’s why you’ll want a utensil dedicated to the task.

A good spaghetti spoon has teeth that are perfectly spaced so that pasta doesn’t slip through. The best also have a medium-sized hole in their center, which may seem counterintuitive at first, but actually serves a larger purpose. The hole represents one serving size of spaghetti—so if you take a handful of raw noodles and it fits snug, then that will be enough for your solo dinner once cooked. So, no more cooking way more pasta than you need. Plus, it helps drain any extra excess water out of the pasta.

Aesthetics are important for a good scooper, too. A spaghetti spoon is already a fairly odd-looking utensil, so a stainless-steel finish or a wooden handle will go a long way to make it look a bit more at home on your kitchen table. But regardless of what your priorities are, here are four you’ll want to consider.


1. Calphalon Pasta Fork

Stainless steel looks great and is sturdy enough, but it’s not as gentle on pots and pans as a nylon utensil like this one. It’s also heat resistant, so you won’t have to worry about burning yourself while serving up some freshly cooked pasta. The hole in the center will measure one serving size of pasta, too, so you’ll always know how much to make, whether it’s just you or a gaggle of your mates.

Pros: Sturdy, but won’t damage any of your pots or pans.

Cons: Some may prefer the stainless-steel look.

Calphalon Pasta Fork


Calphalon Pasta Fork:

2. Berglander Spaghetti Spoon

This spaghetti spoon is more than just pure function—it also looks much better than most other kitchen utensils. It has a traditional, stainless-steel look, is dishwasher-safe, and features a luxe mirror polish finish. Plus, the hilt serves a purpose: It prevents heat transferring from the stainless steel, so you won’t get burned.

Pros: A stylish spoon that’s great for parties.

Cons: Can’t use it to measure portions.

Berglander spaghetti spoon

Courtesy of Amazon

Berglander Spaghetti Spoon: $6.49

3. Cuisinart Pasta Server

This no-frills spoon will serve up your spaghetti sans the hassle. It’s nearly 17 inches in length, so it will keep your hands from getting burned by steam when reaching into the pot. Plus, the spoon is dishwasher safe, so you won’t have to put in any extra effort when it comes to cleaning.

Pros: Has a longer reach than most other spoons.

Cons: Its design is a bit bare bones.

Cuisinart Pasta Server


Cuisinart Pasta Server: $9.99

4. All-Clad Ladle

Most spaghetti spoons will get the job done just fine, but not all of them are ergonomically designed to achieve the ideal balance and weight like this one. Its materials are higher quality as well, since it’s made from solid, polished stainless steel that looks and feels great. Usually a meticulously made utensil like this would have to be hand washed, but no worries here, as the spoon can easily be plopped in the dishwasher.

Pros: Superior looks and performance.

Cons: More than double the price of most other spaghetti spoons.

All-Clad Ladle


All-Clad Ladle: $26.99

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