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The Best Standing Desks for Your Home Office

The best way to switch up your workday.

Stand Steady Tranzendesk Amazon

Over recent years, standing desks have soared in popularity and become the must-have office accessory. Advocates believe they may help reduce the risk of shoulder and back pain, while also adding a bit of variation to your workday. Furthermore, The Journal of Physical Activity and Health recently found that using a standing desk for three hours can burn up to 24 calories (the equivalent of a carrot). That’s not going to help you on the road to major weight loss, but it’s slightly better than sitting.

If you’re new to working on your feet, the Harvard Medical School recommends that you ease into it by starting with 30 to 60 minutes a day and gradually increasing it. It’s also best to spend some time researching the right desk for you. Standing desks come in an array of different finishes and designs. You can get electric versions that change height at the push of a button or manual models that require a little elbow grease.

Here, we’ve selected four of the best standing desks on Amazon to add to your home office.


1. Fully Jarvis Standing Desk

Fully is renowned for its ergonomic office furniture that helps people fully enjoy the workday. This award-winning electric standing desk can swiftly and quietly change height from sitting to standing (up to 51 inches) at a pace of 1.3 inches per second. Furthermore, the desk’s programmable push-button LED handset has four memory preset options to quickly adjust to your preferred height. The desktop is crafted from high-quality, sustainably sourced bamboo which is great for environmentally conscious workers. The frame, meanwhile, is fitted with steel feet instead of aluminum, which results in a sturdy 350-pound lifting capacity. The desk also features two grommets situated at the back corners for improved wire management.

Fully Jarvis Standing Desk


Fully Jarvis Standing Desk:

2. Vari Electric Standing Desk

Vari’s electric standing desk is designed in the US and manufactured to meet the highest industry standards. The hardwearing design features a heavy-duty frame as well as a stability crossbar to ensure its incredibly sturdy at any height. It can hold up to 200 pounds, which is the second-best lifting capacity on this list. The desk features a quiet yet powerful motor that can move it from 25.5 inches up to 50.5 inches. You can also program the desk to memorize three of your favorite heights. Best of all, this design can be easily assembled in just five minutes without any complicated tools.

Vari Electric Standing Desk


Vari Electric Standing Desk:

3. SHW Electric Computer Desk

Built for the most exacting of employees, SHW’s electric standing desk uses telescopic height adjustment to seamlessly transition from sitting (28 inches) to standing (46 inches). The digital display handset features an up and a down key that allows you to raise or lower the desk to exact heights, as well as four memory presets to store your favorite heights. The sturdy steel legs, which can hold up to 110 pounds, are fitted with screw-in glides to further stabilize and level the desk. The design also features grommets and an under table basket to organize your cords.

SHW Electric Adjustable Computer Desk


SHW Electric Computer Desk: $176.87

4. Stand Steady Tranzendesk Standing Desk

Stand Steady’s sleek standing desk is the only manual model on our list and great if you want to exert a little extra energy. The design features an adjustable crank that can attach to either side of the desk to move it to the perfect ergonomic height. All it requires is a little elbow grease. With a 55-inch desktop, it’s one of the most spacious models on our list and has plenty of room for multiple monitors, computer accessories and more. The durable desk can support up to 70 pounds and features leveling feet along with a steel base to prevent it from wobbling while you work. The minimalist black frame is also plenty versatile, too.

Stand Steady Tranzendesk


Stand Steady Tranzendesk Standing Desk:

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