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The Best Stock Pots for Homemade Broths, Soups and More

A stock pot is one of the most versatile tools you can have in a kitchen. Here are some of the best to invest in.

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Any good cook knows stocks are foundational in creating everything from the simplest dishes to the most complex meals. Critically important in the tried and true tradition of French cooking, stocks can be used in any number of things from stews, porridge, boiled foods, steamed food and, of course, stews. This is why no kitchen is truly complete without a good stock pot.

Stock pots are traditionally cylindrical in shape, as the tall and narrow profile keeps more liquid inside the vessel over longer periods of time. The slow evaporation of liquid allows for those dense and brothy-like textures to develop Despite their size, they’re also surprisingly light making them easy to move around once you’re done making your stock.

Whatever your purpose for using it, an investment in a quality stock pot is a quick way to elevate your cooking. Here are four of our favorites you can get on Amazon right now.

1. Le Creuset Stock Pot

Le Creuset is perhaps best known for its cast-iron Dutch ovens, but the storied French brand also knows how to cook up excellent stainless steel designs. Case in point: this stock pot, which is as stylish as it is sturdy. With a capacity of 7 quarts, the pot features tri-ply construction that joins high-quality stainless steel with an aluminum core to distribute heat evenly. It’s also finished with a radiant luster that not only looks good but stops the pot from discoloring over time. The pot can be used on induction stovetops and is oven safe to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.


Le Creuset Stock Pot: $269.95

2. Calphalon Stock Pot

As much as we’d wish we could have Nancy Myers-esque kitchens, the reality is often far more sobering. So having a stock pot—an inherently large item—that saves you room is a godsend. That’s the case with this option from Calphalon, as the pot has been engineered to take up less space than other options. The key is it’s flat tempered glass lid that makes it easy to stack. Its stainless steel handles stay cool during cooking and the fully dishwasher safe interior makes clean up a breeze

Calphalon Stock Pot


Calphalon Stock Pot: $122.12

3. Tramontina Stock Pot

With an impressive 24-quart capacity, this striking stock pot from Tramontina is a helpful tool for those looking to fully, pardon our pun, stock up on soups, stews and other dishes. The dishwasher safe stainless steel provides a touch of professionalism to any kitchen while helping to ensure quick and evenly distributed cooking throughout the pot. Furthermore, you can place the pot on any stovetop surface without worry, further adding to its versatility.

Tramontina Stock Pot


Tramontina Stock Pot: $67.52

4. All-Clad Stock Pot

All-Clad’s slightly wider cut stockpot isn’t just for show, it’s part of a dedicated design choice that works to actively make your food taste better. The high sides help to slow the evaporation of liquids and concentrate flavor. The wide bottom allows you to easily saute ingredients beforehand. Furthermore, the sleek appearance adds a polished detail to any home kitchen—and underscores that you mean business.

All-Clad Stock Pot


All-Clad Stock Pot: $269.99

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