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The Best Stone Pastry Boards for Baking Pies, Cookies and More

Four chic surfaces that will make baking a breeze.

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There’s a reason that marble countertops are so sought after. For one, they look great and add a touch of classic elegance to any kitchen. For another, marble is great for baking, since dough won’t stick to it. If you don’t have a kitchen with these countertops, though, no worries: A stone pastry board will serve you just as well.

While they’re mostly meant for mixing, kneading and rolling dough, stone pastry boards can serve many different functions. They can also be used as cutting boards in a pinch—though be warned that, depending on the stone, this may nick your prized knife (or the board itself). A pastry board can also be used as a makeshift cheese board, though it will likely be a bit heavier than any bamboo ones you have on deck.

The two biggest things to consider when buying a new pastry board are size and slippage. If you’re going to be making larger baked goods, or maybe a big batch of cookies for your family, then you might want to consider a larger board. Others may want to scale down, as these boards can take up space in storage. The second factor, slippage, is incredibly important: You don’t want your pastry board moving around while you’re kneading or rolling dough. A good one will have slip-resistant “feet” to keep it in place.

Of course, it also comes down to personal preference, as different people may appreciate different stone finishes. Here are four of the best on Amazon to choose from.

1. Fox Run Marble Pastry Board

If you’re going to shell out on a genuine marble pastry board, then Fox Run’s is among the best money can buy. At 16 by 20 inches, it’s one of the larger boards on this list, so you’ll have plenty of room to roll and knead dough. More importantly, though, the brand promises that the marble used is 100 percent genuine and natural—because of this, each one will look a bit different. And while it’s a gorgeous addition to any kitchen, keep in mind that, like many other marble boards, it should be washed by hand.

Fox Run Marble Pastry Board


Fox Run Marble Pastry Board: $66.06

2. Home Basics Granite Cutting Board

While marble is the pastry board material of choice by many, it’s by no means mandatory. Home Basics’ granite board will serve you just as well when it comes to working with dough—plus, the material means it’s much more lightweight, making it that much easier to maneuver if you’d like to use it as a serving board. Available in black and white color options, it’s also a much better cutting board option than its marble brethren, should you want a board that can do both.

Home Basics Granite Cutting Board


Home Basics Granite Cutting Board: $23.99

3. Kota Japan Marble Pastry Board

One of the biggest problems with stone pastry boards is that, while they’re beautiful, it can be tricky to find a spot for them in your kitchen. You can display them, sure, but storing them away is another matter entirely: They take up a lot of space and are very heavy. Kota Japan’s remedies this with a smaller, 15 by 11 inch board that offers enough room for rolling and kneading, while also being easy enough to stash away. Non-slip feet will help keep your counter from getting scratched while you use it and prevent dough from moving around too much.

Kota Japan Marble Pastry Board


Kota Japan Marble Pastry Board: $36.98

4. Sur La Table Marble Pastry Board

If you’ve never really baked before, you’ll want a pastry board with plenty of space. That way, you’ll have a bit more room for error. Sur La Table’s has plenty, as it’s 16 by 20 inches. That makes it a bit too heavy to use as a serving board, but perfect for the beginner chef. Like any other marble board, it’s best if you hand wash it, though it does have one added design perk: In addition to being gorgeous on its own, you can get a matching marble rolling pin to round out your new set.

Sur La Table Marble Pastry Board


Sur La Table Marble Pastry Board:

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