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The Best Stovetop Pressure Cookers for Stews, Soups and Beyond

These next-level pressure cookers will add a whole new dimension to your home-cooked meals.

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Ask any BBQ pitmaster (professional or otherwise) and they’ll tell you that cooking food slow and low often yields the best possible results around. Slow cooks allow for rich flavors and textures to be gently coaxed out of whatever you’re making, giving it all the more interesting taste profile. However, not everyone has 12 hours or more to spend in front of a slow cooker. This is where stovetop pressure cookers can make a huge impact.

Safe to use, stovetop pressure cookers allow you to considerably cut down on the amount of time it takes to produce a richly flavorful dish. Instead of three or four hours, we’re talking 30 or 45 minutes. Pressure cookers seam seal your food to speed up the cooking process while also retaining natural vitamins and minerals for better-tasting food. Their stainless-steel construction allows for fantastic—and even—heat distribution throughout which means food doesn’t get over or undercooked. Plus, you’re left with only one pot to clean up after the fact.

It’s no exaggeration to say that a stovetop pressure cooker will radically change how you cook at home. Here are four of our favorites you can get right now, all on Amazon.


1. T-fal P45007 Clipso Pressure Cooker

Crafted from cadmium-free stainless steel, this premium 6.3-quart pressure cooker is built to perform and last. It features an encapsulated base which allows for even cooking and regulated temperature control, so each meal or batch comes out just as intended. It’s also compatible with most cooktops—including induction—so it’s a safe choice for any kitchen.

Pros: Great features for those looking to upgrade.

Cons: Seasoned pros want might a cooker that’s a bit larger.

T-fal pressure cooker

Courtesy of Amazon

T-fal P45007 Clipso Pressure Cooker: $96.87

2. Buffalo 12-Quart Stove Top Pressure Cooker

Crafted from the brand’s Clad stainless steel, this pressure cooker from Buffalo ensures a fast and even cook throughout. The gear tenon has been designed to be incredibly easy to open and close and can be easily cleaned after use. Six different security featuresincluding three safety valves, two safety locks and a safety vent—allow you to cook knowing the device is safe and secure. Plus, it’s capable of being used on all kinds of stovetops, providing lots of extra value.

Pros: Safe and easy to use.

Cons: A bit of an investment.

Buffalo 12-Quart Pressure Cooker



Buffalo 12-Quart Stove Top Pressure Cooker: $328.00

3. Fissler Vitaquick 6.4-Quart Stove Top Pressure Cooker

For those true beginners looking to hone their skills with a pressure cooker, this version from Fissler is a must purchase. Two key safety features make this cooker easy to use; a practical position aid helps to perfectly align the lid and a dedicated locking indicator audibly clicks and displays as green to let you know it’s all sealed and ready for the stove. Speaking of stove tops, it’s compatible with any and all, so you can use it with ease, while the base allows for even heat retention.

Pros: Beginner-friendly.

Cons: You will probably want a bigger unit if you’re cooking for big groups.


Fissler 6.4-Quart Stove Top Pressure Cooker


Fissler Vitaquick 6.4-Quart Stove Top Pressure…: $239.95

4. All American 15.5-Quart Stove Top Pressure Cooker

At a considerable 15.5 quarts, this pressure cooker from All American looks like something you’d see in a high-school science lab. However, looks are deceiving and this powerhouse of a cooker is a worthwhile investment. With considerable interior cooking storage, you’ll be able to make a lot of food all at once. A sturdy top handle makes the unit easy to move around while its patented metal-to-metal sealing system provides an extraordinary snug seam seal. The easy-to-read gauge will tell you right when your food is done and can be used on all kinds of stove tops.

Pros: A professional grade cooker that can handle any kind of cooking project.

Cons: More science lab-looking than it is striking kitchenware.

All American 15.5-Quart Stove Top Pressure Cooker


All American 15.5-Quart Stove Top Pressure Cooker: $379.95

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