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The Best Strawberry Hullers for Cleaning Your Favorite Summer Fruit

Enjoy the fresh fruit without the leafy green stem.

strawberry huller Courtesy of Amazon

In-season or out, strawberries are always a delectable treat. Whether sliced up as part of a fruit salad, dotted on top of a cheesecake or enjoyed solo, they rarely disappoint. But to really savor them, you have to dispel their leafy green tops and the small, unpleasantly hardcore beneath. To complete that task most effectively, whip out a trusty strawberry huller.

True, you could go about the job with a paring knife or another sharp instrument, but the berries’ small size can make that difficult and dangerous, not to mention time-consuming—something you definitely don’t want the next time you have to prep an entire carton. A well-designed huller neatly slips into the fruity flesh and removes all the unwanted elements in one fell swoop, leaving the rest unmarred.

To make sure you can best enjoy these natural sweets to the utmost, we’ve compiled our top four favorite strawberry hullers available on Amazon.


1. Tovolo Strawberry Huller

Simple is often best and that philosophy is proven true by Tovolo’s classic huller. Constructed with a slender stainless steel straw, it is also outfitted with a grippy, ribbed handle that helps you keep a firm handle on things without fatigue. Its narrow profile not only makes for easy storage but also means that this tool helps minimize waste by removing the minimum amount of flesh from each berry. Plus, the open-ended design makes it a cinch to clean after each use.

Tovolo Strawberry Huller

Courtesy of Amazon

Tovolo Strawberry Huller: $8.99

2. MSC International Joie Strawberry Huller

Strawberry Hullers don’t come much easier to use than this model from MSC International. Rather than plucking out the stem like some of the models on this list, the brand’s huller scoops it right out. Simply stick the serrated, spoon-shaped end of the tool into the fruit and pull it out. It’s that easy. If that wasn’t enough, the easy-to-grip instrument works on another popular red fruit you may have heard of—tomatoes.

MSC International Joie Strawberry Huller


MSC International Joie Strawberry Huller: $5.25

3. Yafook Strawberry Huller

Who doesn’t love one tool capable of tackling multiple jobs? Yafook’s huller has the pincer design that has popped up elsewhere on our list and for good reason: it simply makes things go fast and works with a variety of foods. If you want to swiftly remove carrot tops before tossing them in a stew or stem an entire pint of strawberries when constructing a trifle, this model can do both and a whole lot more. Its firm plastic handles have a textured surface that makes it easy to hold as you zip around the kitchen.

Yafook Strawberry Huller

Courtesy of Amazon

Yafook Strawberry Huller:

4. Chef’n Original Stem Gem

Chef’n’s huller will have you ready to tackle a pile of berries at any time. Unlike the more pragmatic stylings of other examples on our list, this model has a strawberry-like, freckled design in a pinkish-red hue. Its claw easily grips strawberry stems from the top and cleanly pulls them out leaving the majority of the fruit behind. The brand’s playful tool is great for families with children who want to participate in the cooking process.

Chef'n Original Stem Gem

Courtesy of Amazon

Chef'n Original Stem Gem: $7.95

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