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The 9 Best Hangers to Keep Your Suits Crisp and Sharp

Graduate to a sturdy, supportive hanger. Your suits will definitely thank you.

best suit hangers

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A well-made suit will last you a lifetime—if you care for it properly. And no amount of careful cleaning will make up for years of hanging a sharply tailored jacket and trousers on a hanger that’s not built to support them. This is why it’s just as important to choose the right hanger for a suit as it is to choose the right shirt and other accessories to wear with it.

Suit hangers with wide shoulders are a simple and effective way to help your jackets maintain their shape when you’re not wearing them. After all, you spend more time out of your suits than in them, so using a supportive, structured hanger will only help increase its lifespan. And beyond its practicality, these hangers, typically found cut from wood, are a stylish way to both organize your closet and make it look more like your favorite menswear store than a catchall for the things you don’t want on display.

Help keep your pieces in the best shape possible with the suit hangers, below.

The Hanger Project Wooden Suit Hanger

The Hanger Project founder Kirby Allison, perhaps more than most, knows what makes up a great hanger. He was a former investment banker, a man that basically lived in suits, who was discouraged with the selection available and how they often altered the shape of his coat and blazers. To rectify this problem, he created a suit hanger featuring shoulders that taper and then round at the end, along with felted bar grips to keep trousers in place and help prevent creasing. 

Pros: Durable, sturdy and the most effective in keeping the shape of your suits. 
Cons: Bulky silhouette that takes up a lot of space in a closet. 

Buy Now on Neiman Marcus: $30

Mawa Handcrafted Beechwood Hangers

Mawa creates some of the most untraditional hangers in the market. But when it comes to suits, the company understands that the standard silhouette is the most effective option. Case in point: Mawa’s beachwood hangers, which feature sloped shoulders with rounded ends and sturdy bars that’ll keep your two-pieces spick and span. 

Pros: Slimmer than many suit hangers. 
Cons: The silhouette may not be best for larger, more structured coats and jackets. 

Buy Now on Food52: $240

Woodlore Standard Hanger

Woodlore specializes in creating kiln-dried cedar items for your shoes, socks and, of course, suits. The material is a great natural deterrent to moths and other pesky critters, which means you’ll be less likely to see holes in your favorite wool jackets. This, along with gently sloped, is why the brand’s hangers are great for a wardrobe makeover. 

Pros: The cedar materials wards off pests and keeps your suits smelling fresh.
Cons: The surface is rougher than other options on this list.

Buy Now on Bespoke Post: $6

Pottery Barn Wooden Hanger (24 Pack)

Pottery Barn is one of the most reliable names in home furnishings, decor and anything you’d need for your home. It has it all, including a sturdy set of wooden hangers. The shoulders are broad and feature rounded edges, and the pant bar has a vinyl coating. This means your suit won’t slip. but it’ll retain its shape. 

Pros: Nonslip vinyl coating on the trouser bar and the perfectly-sized silhouette. 
Cons: The swivel hook could be sturdier. 

Buy Now on Pottery Barn: $50

Marie Kondo Ink Black Serene Matte Metal Hangers (20 Pack)

Marie Kondo certainly needs no introduction. But if you need a refresher, she wrote the book on decluttering—literally. Of course her suit hangers, created in partnership with the Container Store, fully aligns with her ethos. The incredibly sleek shape will take minimal space in a closet, and the materials, hefty matte metal and a natural beech wood bar, are built to last. Yes, they don’t have the typical bulky, rounded shoulders ideal for structured jackets, but if your pieces are more languid, this item is for you. 

Pros: Slender shape will take up minimal space in a closet. 
Cons: The slim shoulders aren’t ideal for structured jackets. 

Buy Now on The Container Store: $60

Amber Home Cedar Hangers

Made from high-grade American cedar with a smooth finish, these hangers from Amber Home not only look great, they smell great, too—and the cedar will ward off any carpet beetles and moth larvae. With a wide stance and rounded shoulders, they’re supportive enough to preserve the structure of your jackets. Additionally, the strong, velvet-lined crossbar ensures your trousers stay put.

Pros: Durable construction and cedar scent offers more than one way to protect your suits.
Cons: Cedar’s effectiveness fades over time, so you may have to replace them more often than other hangers.

Buy Now on Amazon: $41

Zober High-Grade Wooden Suit Hangers

Zober’s varnished wood hangers have a wide stance that means they’ll stretch to the corners of the shoulders in your best jackets, if not fill them out completely, plus they have a great-looking dark wood stain. But they’re built as much for versatility as they are for style, and their sturdy trouser bars mean you can store jackets together with their trousers, or hang trousers on their own.

Pros: Sturdy enough for almost everything in your closet.
Cons: Hangers don’t provide the wide, rounded end that some suit jackets feature.

Buy Now on Amazon: $25

Casafield Walnut Wooden Suit Hangers

With their durable build and slim design, these wood hangers from Casafield don’t take up considerable space within your closet, but they’ll still make for supportive hangers nonetheless. The trouser bar is reinforced with an anti-slip casing, and the shoulders, while not rounded horizontally, will still fit into the curve of your shoulder. Plus, they’re a lot nicer to look at than what you get from the dry cleaner.

Pros: Bulk packaging and solid construction make for a great value.
Cons: Not the best design for everyone’s shoulders.

Buy Now on Amazon: $28

Amber Home Wire Suit Hangers

Typical wire hangers are not the best option when it comes to hanging wrinkle-prone clothing like suits and dress shirts, but these hangers are specifically designed to keep clothing look fresh and crisp. They feature swivel hooks and are stackable, so they help you save space in your closet too.

Pros: Sturdy construction.
Cons: Lightweight and flimsy.

Buy Now on Amazon: $20

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