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The Best Super Automatic Espresso Machines for Making Delicious Coffee at Home

These four coffee machines will do all the heavy lifting for you.

The Best Super Automatic Espresso Machines Amazon

There are many ways to make a cup of coffee. There’s French press coffee, drip coffee and vacuum brewed coffee. Alternatively, if you’re someone who’d rather not think about how your coffee gets made in the morning, you can invest in a super automatic espresso machine. These handy tools will make a cup of coffee with minimal effort—just add beans and water.

Super automatic espresso machines are not only easy to use; most come with a loads of options. A good one will let you brew different kinds of coffee, with a myriad of options available via touch screen. They even come with a built-in milk frother, so you won’t have to purchase a separate one. Instead, you can get that perfect, foamy top layer at the click of a button. The one thing to be wary of when purchasing a super automatic, though, is cleaning. Some will need to be taken apart and cleaned frequently in order to keep them running, which can be a real chore. Keep an eye out for the specific cleaning requirements and instructions, so you don’t end up with one that requires too much maintenance.

Even with this extra effort, a super automatic machine will still save you tons of time, especially if you drink coffee daily. Here are four of the best on Amazon.

1. Saeco Super Automatic Espresso Machine

If you’re a seasoned coffee drinker and you know what exactly what you want from your morning cup of joe, then Saeco’s super automatic machine is the one you’ll want at hand. It has 15 different coffee options, and you can customize the strength, temperature and milk foam of each. Plus, you can have up to six user profiles on the device, so you and your family can each create their own profile and make their favorite cup of coffee with just the touch of a button. It also has all the bells and whistles you would expect of a premium super automatic: a ceramic grinder, a water filter and a steam system that will clean the device every time you make a drink with milk.

Saeco Super Automatic Espresso Machine


Saeco Super Automatic Espresso Machine: $1,799.00

2. Gaggia Super Automatic Espresso Machine

One of the pluses of a super automatic machine is that you don’t need to have as many tools on deck—the grinder, milk frother and heater are all built in. One of the cons is that they’re typically very heavy and take up a lot of counter space. Not so with Gaggia’s offering, which manages to be one of the most compact of the bunch, while still offering all the amenities coffee lovers have come to expect from super automatic machines. An intuitive LED screen lets you choose what kind of coffee you’d like to brew, and its stainless-steel front panel is easy enough to remove when it comes time for cleaning. It may not be the best looking device out there, but considering it’s smaller and less conspicuous, you likely won’t pay this much mind.

Gaggia Super Automatic Espresso Machine


Gaggia Super Automatic Espresso Machine: $486.33

3. Philips Super Automatic Espresso Machine

For newbies, buying the right super automatic machine may seem a daunting task. There’s plenty of nuts and bolts to consider, after all—what functions are baked in, how you’ll maintain it and how much coffee you can make with it at a time. Philips’s device makes the experience easier to navigate, as it’s a sleek, intuitive machine that won’t intimidate beginners with a myriad of options. A touch display lets you choose what coffee you’d like to brew, and a ceramic grinder makes breaking down beans a real breeze. The only real downside is that the device is best paired with Philips’ smart-sensing water filter, which is sold separately.

Philips Super Automatic Espresso Machine


Philips Super Automatic Espresso Machine: $499.00

4. De’Longhi Super Automatic Espresso Machine

You can use a super automatic to make a whole cup of coffee, or you can use its other functions, like the grinder or the milk frother, separately. De’Longhi is one of those machines—it works well altogether, but you’ll be tempted to just use it for its quiet, efficient and quick built-in bean grinder. Another notable trait is the instant reheat function, which keeps the machine at your ideal temperature, no matter how long in between brews. The machine has many different options—you can adjust coffee strength, temperature and cup size as per your preference—but doesn’t have a touch screen to navigate these options. Some might miss the modern look and more intuitive feeling that an LED screen provides.

De'Longhi Super Automatic Espresso Machine


De'Longhi Super Automatic Espresso Machine:

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