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The Best Tea Equipment for Brewing, Steeping and Sipping in Style

All you need to prepare your best cup ever.

best teaware amazon Courtesy of Vee O/Unsplash

No matter the time of year or state of your health, tea is one of the most soothing beverages around. Used by cultures across the planet for millennia as an accompaniment to a daily meal or as a standalone remedy for illness, it comes in countless iterations and flavorings to suit just about anyone’s palette. But how do you go about making your best brew at home?

Teaware is an often neglected kitchen category, but it really shouldn’t be. While heating up some water in your favorite microwavable mug is convenient, a few well-chosen objects can not only make the procedure even more relaxing, but also improve the finished results. And who couldn’t use a little extra relaxation?

From the best electric kettle to drinkware to teapot, here are our four top picks of the best teaware available on Amazon. You’ll be steeping like a pro in no time at all.

1. AICOOK Electric Kettle

While you can’t go wrong with boiling water for tea the old fashioned way, it does have its drawbacks. For example, if you like to settle into bed with a hot cup of brew, it’ll mean trekking back and forth to the kitchen to prepare it. And getting water to a boil in a pot or traditional kettle doesn’t give you an accurate indication of its temperature, which is critically important to ensuring that your tea leaves aren’t scorched. Luckily, this one electric kettle takes care of all of that. Since it runs on electricity, you can plug it in bedside as you hop under the covers and delicate temperature apparatus allow nine presets to perfectly boil anything from dark-roast coffee to green tea at the correct temperature.

Visit the AICOOK Store Electric Kettle

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2. Not Neutral Lino Cups and Saucers

If you’re going to make a superb kettle of tea, you need something to drink it from. These cups from Lino are sized for an 8-ounce cup of tea, and come with saucers to guard against any errant spilling. Their handles are also suitable for making lattes, on days when you need something with more caffeine. While they strike a more contemporary profile than some other teacups, their forward-thinking design and somewhat ironically neutral gray tone make them an elegant addition to any kitchen cupboard or china cabinet.

Not Neutral Lino Cups and Mugs


Not Neutral Lino Cups and Saucers:

3. VAHDAM Radiance Glass Tea Pot With Infuser

Buying tea in bags is convenient and while much of it is just fine, there’s nothing like the complex flavors you can get from brewing loose-leaf varieties. But the process can be messy if you don’t have the right tool. This conventional teapot comes with a built-in chamber where loose leaves can be submerged with enough ‘breathing’ room yet contained enough for easy cleanup. Its completely clear body gives it a look that’s somehow both modern and classic, but the material which lends it that appearance is also what makes it safe to use both on the stove and in the microwave. It is among the most versatile picks on our list, no doubt.

VAHDAM Radiance Glass Tea Pot With Infuser

Courtesy of Amazon

VAHDAM Radiance Glass Tea Pot With Infuser: $27.99

4. Teabloom Celebration Tea Set

If you’re looking to fill all your tea-making needs in one go, this is the set for you. Complete with a teapot, four teacups, a tea warmer and infuser, it has everything required to make and enjoy a delicious cup of tea. Though it may have a delicate look, the pot is safe to use on the stovetop as well as in the microwave and when you’re all done bringing water to temperature, simply place it on the warmer to keep it hot. One of the advantages of having the roomy, transparent pot is that it makes for a truly stunning presentation when steeping floral teas guests can literally see bloom. If you haven’t tried any before, you’re in luck. This set comes with 12 varieties of blooming teas to get you started.

Teabloom Celebration Tea Set

Courtesy of Amazon

Teabloom Celebration Tea Set: $69.95

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