The Best Tea Strainers for Brewing Loose-Leaf Oolong, Earl Grey and More

Four of the best for your next brunch.

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Pretty much everyone loves tea. It’s a simple enough thing to make—all you’ll need is some hot water, tea leaves and some patience while it steeps. Plus, tea can be good for you. Many varieties are rich in antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties. But if you want to make tea the old fashioned way, you’ll need a good strainer.

You can always get your tea in a bag, of course, as steeping tea is more convenient that way. But if you want to make loose leaf tea, you’ll need a strainer. Loose leaf tea has a few benefits: Most notably, the leaves are often bigger than those found in tea bags. It’s also often much fresher. There are two different strainers you can use when brewing at home: A mesh that you put over the top of a mug to trap tea leaves or an infuser which you put tea leaves in before immersing it in hot water.

Regardless of which style you prefer, these strainers will keep leaf residue and dust at bay. And here are four of the best on Amazon.

1. Yoassi Stainless Steel Infuser

Some like their tea strong. If you’re one of those people, then you’ll want an infuser that can hold a large amount of tea leaves at a time. Yoassi’s offering is one of the best on that front, as it’s five inches wide and three inches tall, so there’s room for leaves aplenty. And if you don’t pack it to the gills, even better: The leaves have more room to circulate, and the better your tea will taste. Finally, the stainless-steel instrument is dishwasher safe, so it’s easy to use and to clean up afterwards.

Yoassi Stainless Steel Infuser


Yoassi Stainless Steel Infuser: $11.99

2. House Again Tea Ball Infuser

If you like the look and vibe of a tea bag, but you’re making loose leaf tea, then House Again’s strainer is the best of both. It’s a tea ball, which means you fill the capsule with loose leaf tea and submerge the whole thing in hot water. The strainer can be retrieved via its 4.7-inch chain, which hooks onto the edge of the mug. It seals tightly and has extra fine mesh holes, so none of the leaves will leak out. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe, and you get not one but two of them with purchase.

House Again Tea Ball Infuser


House Again Tea Ball Infuser: $10.99

3. Homestia Stainless Steel Tea and Cocktail Strainer

If you’re going to invest in a tea strainer, you might as well get one that’s multi-purpose. Homestia’s is just that, as it can just as easily be used to strain the pulp from cocktails as it can the leaves from tea. Simply place it over the top of your mug (or glass) and voila, the water runs clear. Keep in mind that it’s not one size fits all though, and may be too small for some cups.

Homestia Stainless Steel Tea and Cocktail Strainer


Homestia Stainless Steel Tea and Cocktail Strainer: $6.99

4. Home Hero Tea Strainer

Tea strainers aren’t too pricy to replace, but if you’re going to pick one up, you might as well get one that’s durable. Home Hero’s offering fits the bill there, as it’s made from a strong stainless steel that won’t bend or rust. You’ll want to keep it around, too, as it’s kitted out with ultra-fine mesh and a weighted handle—the latter will keep it from flipping when it’s full.

Home Hero Tea Strainer


Home Hero Tea Strainer: $65.00

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