The Best Tea Variety Packs for Every Kind of Tea Drinker

Four sets for the tea lover in your life.


There are plenty of tea fanatics out there, but many may be just starting out on their tea-drinking journey. And with so many varieties, it can be tough to know where to start—green tea, chamomile, earl grey, Oolong or something else entirely? That’s why a variety pack of teas is a great place for neophytes to start.

A tea variety pack typically has between eight to 15 different varieties of tea, with three to six packs of each. Because they’re meant for beginners who are just getting a taste for tea, most consist of tea bags rather than loose leaves, as these are much easier to plop in a cup, pour water over and drink. The more variety here the better, as a wide-ranging box will allow you to explore many different flavors.

A variety pack of teas can also make for a great gift, as it’s usually wrapped up in a nice box, and has something for pretty much any tea drinker out there. Here, four of the best on Amazon.

1. Taylors of Harrogate Classic Tea Variety Box

For those who want to buy from a tea brand that gives back, Taylors of Harrogate is just the ticket. This variety pack comes with 48 tea bags total—eight different teas with six of each—and promises that a portion of its profits will be reinvested into the community where it’s harvested as well as into the environment. Of course, there aren’t as many teas to choose from here, but six tea bags per is more than most other boxes.

Taylors of Harrogate Classic Tea Variety Box


Taylors of Harrogate Classic Tea Variety Box: $11.49

2. Harney & Sons Tea Bag Sampler

If you or a friend isn’t sure where to start when it comes to tea, then Harney & Sons’ set is a great place to start. Not only does it come with 15 different teas, it also includes 10 honey sticks, which you can use to add a bit of the sweet stuff to your cup. There are 40 tea bags in total in the set—for the most part there are three of each kind of tea, but for some there’s only two.

Harney & Sons Tea Bag Sampler


Harney & Sons Tea Bag Sampler: $13.99

3. Stash Organic Tea Bags Sampler Gift Set

Stash Organic’s tea set gives you plenty of variety and depth, as it has three of 15 different teas. These run the gamut from green to chai, and are all certified organic. All are bagged and sealed in foil wrappers to ensure freshness.

Stash Organic Tea Bags Sampler Gift Set


Stash Organic Tea Bags Sampler Gift Set: $16.95

4. Tea Forte Single Steeps Loose Leaf Tea Sampler

Many prefer tea bags as they’re easier to work with, but some lean toward loose leaf teas, as the method is believed to better activate the antioxidants from the leaves. If that sounds more your speed, then Tea Forte’s pack is the one for you, as it contains five different loose leaf teas—three of each—all wrapped up in pouches. Keep in mind that these do take more time to prepare than tea bags, but the rich flavors should make it worth the wait.

Tea Forte Single Steeps Loose Leaf Tea Sampler


Tea Forte Single Steeps Loose Leaf Tea Sampler: $15.00

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