The Best Trivets to Protect Your Dinner Table in Style

Burn marks begone!

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Just whipped up a rich one-pot meal you hope to serve straight from the dutch oven? Or brewed a kettle of your best tea for a lunch with friends and family? Rather than risk scorching your dinner table with piping hot cookware, try placing it onto something else first, like a trivet.

Essentially coasters designed to support cooking vessels, trivets may seem like a kitchen throwback but they are just as useful in now as they were in decades past. Coming in a range of shapes and sizes, they can be made of everything from metal to wood to woven raffia, all equally capable of protecting surfaces but each having its owns strengths and drawbacks. Whichever material you choose, you’ll be sure to find them so useful that you can’t help but stock up.

To help you find the most worthwhile additions to your toolkit of essential kitchen accessories, we’ve rounded up our four favorite models available on Amazon.

1. Totally Bamboo Expandable Trivet

In the kitchen, versatility is often king which is why this trivet is so excellent. Carved from natural bamboo, it has a unique interlocking design that allows it to expand and collapse. In short, it is just as capable of supporting a roomy Dutch oven or casserole dish as it is a small saucepan. Wood is a poor conductor of heat so it’s sure to protect whatever surface it’s on even, if a dish came straight from the stovetop. Plus, bamboo is more renewable and environmentally friendly than other varieties of wood so you can rest assured its also kind to the earth.

Totally Bamboo Expandable Trivet

Courtesy of Amazon

Totally Bamboo Expandable Trivet: $17.99

2. Comfify Pineapple Trivet

Molded in the shape of a ripe pineapple, this vintage-inspired trivet has a charming design forged from heavy cast iron. Not only does the natural weight of its material make it especially stable (something helped by its rubber feet), but it also makes it capable of withstanding high temperatures. Even when not in use, it adds great character to any table and can even act as an impromptu centerpiece of sorts. Smaller than some other models on our list, it may not be large enough to accommodate certain pots and pans, but it is more than capable of holding up a piping kettle.

Comfify Pineapple Trivet

Courtesy of Amazon

Comfify Pineapple Trivet: $14.99

3. BeeHomee Straw Trivets

If you’re ever having a dinner party where more than one hot pan needs to make its way to the dining room table, fear not. This set by BeeHomee comes complete with four trivets beautifully woven from natural straw. Not only does their material make them lightweight, but the slender design makes them easy to stack and then tuck away into a drawer. And what if you need something to transfer those aforementioned hot pots and pans to the table? Luckily, this set also comes with a pair of bonus accessories: two orange silicone pot holders that make for a secure, heat-resistant grip.

BeeHomee Straw Trivets

Courtesy of Amazon

BeeHomee Straw Trivets: $18.97

4. Lodge Cast Iron Meat Rack and Trivet

Lodge is a legendary name in cast iron cookware and the proof is in the pudding. This trivet functions beautifully to raise hot skillets away from your gleaming kitchen counter, but it also doubles as a meat rack. How exactly does that work? Place it on the inside of a larger piece of cookware, a Dutch oven perhaps, and place a roast or other large cut on top so the full exterior browns evenly as it stays suspended above accumulating juices. However you choose to use it, its natural weight and well-calibrated balance mean it has sure footing and won’t easily topple over—something critically important if you’re fiddling with a boiling hot pot of stew.

Lodge Cast Iron Meat Rack and Trivet

Courtesy of Amazon

Lodge Cast Iron Meat Rack and Trivet

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