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The Best Truck Boxes for Transporting Your Tools

Four big metal boxes to take with you on the road.

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If you own a pickup truck, you need a toolkit. It may sound unnecessary, but there’s no way around the facts: A pickup is more likely to take more of a beating than a run-of-the-mill car, as you’ll likely be taking it off road and hauling heavy loads into it. You’ll need the right set of tools, then, to fix it up in a pinch. And the best way to transport said tools is with a truck box.

A truck box is exactly what it sounds like: a metal box that fits in the bed of your truck. Some are bigger than others, which is the primary consideration when it comes to buying a new truck box. If you get one that’s too wide it may not fit in your truck, so make sure you’ve taken the proper measurements before purchasing. Another factor to keep in mind is durability—since the box is going to be sitting in the pack of your truck, it’s bound to get jostled around a bit. So you’ll want a model that can take a beating.

If you want to bring a full set of tools with you wherever you go—either for repairing your truck or for other quick fixes on the road—then you’ll need a good truck box. Here are four of the best available on Amazon.

1. Arksen Tool Box

Some truck owners will want to carry around more tools than others. And for those who want a full set on hand at all times, there’s Arksen’s box, which is 36 inches across and 17 inches tall. But it doesn’t just have a large capacity, it also has great security features. Rather than one lock it has two T handle latches, which will keep it from swinging open while your truck is moving.

Arksen Tool Box


Arksen Tool Box: $229.96

2. Buyers Products Truck Box

Want a heavy-duty truck box that’s built to last? Buyers Products’ offering is about as durable as you can get, as it’s made of diamond tread aluminum and is designed to be corrosion resistant and withstand extreme weather conditions. The latch also protects tools from theft as well as every day wear and tear. Just keep in mind that the mounting brackets for this box are sold separately.

Buyers Products Truck Box


Buyers Products Truck Box: $369.99

3. Undercover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box

Not every truck box has to be stuck to the bed of your truck. Undercover’s swings out like a door, so you can grab tools from it without any added hassle. Its lid is locked by a key, and it can hold up to 75 pounds of cargo at a time. It’s also easy to adhere and remove to the truck itself, so you can take it with you elsewhere or just remove it to have full, unimpeded access to your truck bed. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll need to remove your bed rug before you install it.

Undercover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box


Undercover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box: $202.00

4. UWS Truck Tool Box

When purchasing a new truck box, you have to consider the size of your truck bed. Otherwise, you may end up buying a box that doesn’t fit. UWS’s box takes the worry out of the equation for you, as you can input exactly which truck you have when you order to make sure you get the right size. And it’s a great box, too: It’s made of thick, welded aluminum, and inside is a tool tray with built-in screwdriver holders for storage.

UWS Truck Tool Box


UWS Truck Tool Box: $654.95

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