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The Best Utility Knives for Cutting Boxes, Carpets and More

Four versatile blades to have on hand.

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It goes without saying that, while a great set of chef’s knives will serve you well in the kitchen, you’ll need a different sort of blade for non-culinary tasks like opening boxes and cutting rope. Enter the utility knife—a small, sharp blade that can cut through most materials with ease.

The utility knives we’re talking about here aren’t to be confused with those in the kitchen—which are also called utility knives—and fall somewhere between a paring knife and a kitchen knife in terms of size. Instead, these utility knives are used for common household tasks. It’s essential to have one on hand, especially if you’re frequently ordering packages online that need opening, or if you’re redecorating and need something that can cut through carpets and wallpaper with ease.

Most utility knives can be folded away when not in use, so you won’t risk harming yourself when reaching for it. Of course, some models are more versatile than others, and come with different blades that you can swap out depending on the task at hand. Some are smaller and more portable, while other, larger knives can accommodate more substantial blades. Here are four of the best to choose from.

1. Holtzman’s Gorilla Survival Premium Utility Knife

If you’re the type who wants a knife that can be used for camping trips as well as around the house, then Holtzman’s Gorilla Survival’s is for you. It comes equipped with a standard fold-out utility knife that can be used for box cutting and crafts, plus a serrated-edge pocket knife for everything else. It’s a great all-around tool, and one that looks good, too. The black wood handle gives it an effortlessly sleek look. The knife comes with a belt clip as well, so you can easily take it with you wherever you go.

Holtzman's Gorilla Survival Premium Utility Knife


Holtzman's Gorilla Survival Premium Utility Knife: $24.95

2. BirdRock Folding Utility Knife

Looking for a simple, straightforward utility knife? BirdRock’s is the best in that regard—plus, you get two of them for the price of one. The lightweight aluminum design makes the knives easy to wield for beginners, and they even come with five extra blades, should the original ones grow dull. The blades fold away and lock safely when they’re not in use, and a clip ensures it stays securely fastened to your belt. Plus, the no-slip grip will prevent any accidents, making it an even better pick for first-timers.

BirdRock Folding Utility Knife


BirdRock Folding Utility Knife: $21.30

3. Workpro Utility Knife Set

Even if you get a top-of-the-line utility knife, its blade will eventually dull. Workpro’s pair remedies this by providing 20 back-ups with your purchase—10 for the larger model and 10 for the smaller—so you won’t have to worry about them ever wearing out. There’s also plenty of versatility here, as the smaller knife may be fit for tasks that the larger knife isn’t. Plus, the bigger model comes with a built-in wire stripper, making it a great two-in-one device for those looking to build out their at-home tool kit.

WORKPRO Utility Knife Set


Workpro Utility Knife Set:

4. Milwaukee Flip Utility Knife

Milwaukee’s utility knife is a durable model, one with a magnetic blade storage compartment that can hold up to four additional blades at a time. This makes replacing dull blades easy, so you’ll never have to worry about the knife dulling over time. A loophole means it can be easily attached to tool bags for on-the-go use, and it comes with a belt clip as well, should you need one. You’ll want to take it with you, too, as it’s more than just a knife. It also comes with a built-in gut hook and wire stripper.

Milwaukee Flip Utility Knife


Milwaukee Flip Utility Knife:

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